Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal Life Poems

Save Water Save Life

'Water, water' asked soldier to another soldier
He was wounded and dying for the dropp of water
Shells were fired from all the direction
He was to be rescued first as humble action

Fateful Days Of Life

It is believed that all pairs are decided in heaven,
Many agree and accept golden phrase even,
Lucky are those who get desired partner,
Unlucky are those who become good listener,

Think Of Life Partner

It is always good to think of life partner
It is equally important for a new beginner
Life has just kicked off and one is compelled to think
He or she must be on the board before ship starts to sink

Life Shapes Way

The sun has shined
The minds are refined
With zeal to work
Awaits nice word

Real Life Journey

He forced me to reconsider
My association lacked thunder
As it was some days before
I was certainly sad and sore

Rest Of The Life

We shall insist
But poverty may exist
So long humanity survives
And mankind thrives

A School Life

The weather can be totally unpredictable
The human tendency like it is not at all acceptable
The rain is our main source of inspiration
We welcome it in its complete duration

A Symbolic Life

I loved to hate certain things symbolically
Though I failed to make it out generally
I do not why we make some choices
Choose to do for self but create enough of noises

What Makes Life Miserable!

What makes our life miserable?
Is it foot habits, or thought’s trouble?
Unhygienic food, sleepless nights or tiresome life
Or poverty, undernourishment or life riddled with strife

Life Just Ended

Person's life was just ended
As it was not avoided
He lacked strength and will
But what prompted him to kill?

Life Is To Learn

It is not hidden
But we are laden
With worries
And tension

Life Wagon

I feel in isolation
One strong relation
Even though I may be remaining sad!
There is great urge to wake up and lead

How To Redeem Life

Pertinent question always knocking the mind,
Soul I honestly search, but answer not find,
Lucrative offers come on the way but rescind,
Unknown call from within always me remind,

Life Is Not Chosen

Life is not at all chosen
It is thrust and forced upon
Only parents prayed for our birth
But someone else is gunning for our death

Life Never Understood

Life as such was never understood
It only meant security of life and food
Trying all methods to come out of wood
And lived as insects and waited for moments to be freed

Life Needs To Change

Life needs some change
Human beings must manage
Body must develop cracks
Forget everything even if something is at stake

Choice Of Life Time

Yes it can be called choice of life time
Anybody can go wrong anytime
Yet the bridge of love must remain intact
Peaceful drive in life boat is reality and fact

Life In Motion

I am not regular visitor
To shrines, churches or mosques
Yet I believe firmly in creator
But I find long wait and queues

Life Is Beautiful

Life itself is beautiful
Sorrowful and successful too
Prove yourself true
It may pave the way to go through

Life Is Mini Circus

Life is circus
Only be in radius
Though very vicious
But still stable and continuous

Ups And Down In Life

It is challenge from the day one
No escape route allowed for anyone
All the fruits to be enjoyed and burnt to be borne

New Lease Of Life

It is almighty alone who can infuse new lease of life
No preaching of violence even if cut throat competition with knife
He is lone judge to ascertain our actions and guide
We got to believe in him and honestly confide

Love Life And Death

What good work has to do with honorable death?
Why all people should be afraid of laying wreath?
When certain things are bound to happen in any case?
Why to link it with good or bad life phase?

Human Life

Why some of things remain as ever?
Beautiful and liked by others forever
Rose doesn't give up its fervor
So is the pride and honor

Not In This Life

'Not in this life dear' she shyly told
I was too shy to be bold
She was just before me
Uncared, unmoved and free

Support Whole Life

I promised her to support whole of life
If she wished and joined me as wife
As always happens, she attached some conditions
Before making it final to strengthen the relation

Life Is Short

Life is short but meaningful
With little purpose but meant for all
Everybody thinks of it as precious
But circle has become so vicious

About Beautiful Life

As a boy I had dreamt about beautiful life
Standing by beautiful figure like a glass doll as wife
I had no idea about what wife may stand for future
But definitely it was apparently a dream for sure

Normal Life

Normal life for ordinary people have become impossible
Life is full of hell and unbearable with troubles
Not a square meal can be afforded
Seized with tension and heavily loaded

Let Life Be Spent

Let life be spent at ease
Many areas need care and fresh release
An area of peace, harmony and stability
That is far cry and needed for humanity

Life Is Bubble

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you have few moments here as life is like bubble
any time it will burst and lend you in troubles

First Time In Life

First time in life I missed to see rising sun
Prior to it I used to complete my health run
Generate enough of heat in body and prepare
Days plan along with routine care

Life Made Cheap

Life is made very cheap with total disregard
We have stooped so below and act substandard
Care for no human sentiments and demand unreasonable
Beg for things and ask excuses despite being capable

Once In Life Chance

Why such us madness and magnetic pull?
Why I try to act in haste and look fool?
Even though we both are to be blamed to the extent
What more is needed in the form of comments?

Life In Isolation

Life in isolation

In no way it helps to be alone
You are constantly facing fear of cyclone

In A Life As Chance

Why such us madness and magnetic pull?
Why I try to act in haste and look fool?
Even though we both are to be blamed to the extent
What more is needed in the form of comments?

Life Is Not

Life is not what you think and it seems
It is not trimmed in rhymes and themes
How can you call it life even when completely ignored?
How a sleep can be called sound when not snored?

Life Never A Burden

Life was never a burden until I realized
I never owed allegiance until obliged
It was somewhat unique experience
I wanted to develop close allegiance

Life Full Of Surprises

Life is full of surprises and come in abundance
Happiness and joy celebrate it with dance
But do not cry in crisis and let yourself down
It is exclusive domain and should remain as your own

A Dubious Life

I have led dubious life through out
Never knew about falling apart or facing rout
It did not occur to me in simple way
I was in dark for the want of bright ray

Rest Of Life

Days and nights count
Pressure slowly mounts
Life seems to be Herculean task
You get no answer even if you ask

A Hollow Life

lot more to learn
without any concern
many ups and down with 'U' turns
learn more and return

A Life Need Not Teach

A life need not teach
We have to run and reach

What should be our attitude?

A Life In Stages

My dear friends in all walks of life
How do we live happily on the edge of knife?
Life has proved as acid test and still we cling
Try to make it beautiful for many more laurels to bring

A Life Called Bubble

The life is like water bubble
Full of agony, pain and trouble
Still we do not run away from the scene
The thrill and joy is about to be seen

A Wild Life

The wild creature is falling prey
They will be done away
The jungles may have empty space
At every inch will be human race

On Life Boat

I am on calm river water with life boat
It is on surface and can be called simply afloat
It may cross many turns along with dashing the bank
No fear of running aground or to be called sank

A Life So Colorful

I knew life can be so colorful
It may add flavor if one remains faithful
It is not to be spent as remorseful
Always In happy mood and purposeful

A Life Is.....

Life is very easy
Only you remain busy
Don't take it to heart
You stay alive and smart

A Romance Is Life

How does one make the life so romantic?
No problem even if your friends are living beyond Atlantic
There is no distance barrier and one sees directly
It is enough to rouse feelings if we speak honestly

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