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As we lay in bed
like every other night
today feels different


Smoke, smoke, smoke
plz don't smoke
u know it's harmful.
Then y do u smoke


Stop killing me
Stop ignoring me
Stop doing wht your doin
You know what your doing

I called her my bestie
now I'm thinking are we
besties or frenemies

I wonder why we hurt ourselves
When we know it will HURT
Why we try doing things
that just leaves us feeling sad

Do you remember how good friends we were
We told each other everything and anything
But have you seen what we've become
We don't tell each other anything

I feel like killing myself again
I feel sad like nothings going right
I want to break these walls
How is anyone suppose to breath

I feel like i'm burning
looking at you
I feel like i'm on fire
I know your not coming

I search for you in my dreams
I hope to see you anywhere I go
My eyes search for you
My heart listens to find your heart beating

I swear i'm not da tpye to have y heart broken
but then you came
you broke my heaert big time
i'm usually da one breaking hearts

Today i felt dat u were near me
Watching me
Trying to say something
Tell me something

I swear im not gona cry ova u
I swear ur not da one who i could forget easily
I swear baby im not gona think about u again
I swear im not da type to get my heart broken

He plays rugby,
he wags classes,
he skates,
and he smoke.

His eyes are grey.
My eyes are dark chocolate brown.
You skate, I don't.
You play rugby, i hate playing rugby.

How can i forget you?
if i see you everyday
How can i forget you?
when your in my dreams


Tired of life,
tried of myself,
why was i born?
I ask myself.

When i see the moon
i think that one day
my true love
would be next to

Forgived you for
what you did
Forgived you for
how you broke

He's a friend
Areally good friend
people say we go out
but we don't

Is LOVE friendship
or is it in relationships?
What is LOVE
can anybody tell me what

The Best Poem Of lil lover

As We Lay

As we lay in bed
like every other night
today feels different
today we aren't talking
today we fought
you cheated i found out
you lied
i believed
but we knew it was true
you were falling
for someone else
i was crying
i love you

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