Liliana EL.

Liliana EL. Poems

1. Here And Now 9/7/2013
2. Truth 9/7/2013
3. Sometimes 9/7/2013
4. No Ideas 9/7/2013
5. Love You 9/7/2013
6. Firsts Up At Me 9/7/2013
7. How This Works 9/8/2013
8. The Hues Are Chang'D 9/8/2013
9. Today I Said I Love You 9/9/2013
10. Controversary? 9/10/2013
11. When, Just Speak 9/10/2013
12. So This Is Life 9/10/2013
13. Lost, Incredibly 9/10/2013
14. One Time Again 9/10/2013
15. Hm, What Now? 9/11/2013
16. How 9/12/2013
17. Won'T Move 9/13/2013
18. Doesn'T Seem It 9/13/2013
19. Yours Truly 9/15/2013
20. The Better 9/19/2013
21. I Thought 9/22/2013
22. Telling You 9/22/2013
23. Right 9/22/2013
24. This Is Joy 9/23/2013
25. The Way There 9/16/2013
26. In Few Hours 9/24/2013
27. True? 9/27/2013
28. The Feeling 9/29/2013
29. Rose Persona 9/29/2013
30. Dear Sister, Me Because Of You 10/27/2013
31. Reminded 10/27/2013
32. Passed 10/28/2013
33. Time Passed 10/28/2013
34. Dwelling 10/29/2013
35. Another Record 10/29/2013
36. Undefined 11/1/2013
37. Close Falling Back 11/2/2013
38. Going Forward 11/2/2013
39. So Hyped 11/4/2013
40. This Is Me 11/4/2013

Comments about Liliana EL.

  • Vlad Mutuleanu (11/23/2013 10:13:00 AM)

    Liliana combines daily situations and more classic themes, with ease, in her poems.
    She has a special way of writing that attracts the reader, using simple words which make the readers relate to a poem. She often leaves everyone to interpret the poems as they wish.
    Her specialty is drawing an every day picture of life, accomplishing this with a joyful way of writing which transports the happiness to the readers.
    Liliana is a great poet, and she will continue to grow as more and more people will enjoy her poems.
    Keep it up!

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Best Poem of Liliana EL.


Dig deep
Who are you
What do you want
How do you want be seen and remembered

Dig deep
What makes you happy, frustrated, angry, peaceful, free

Yeah the world tells you who to be
Blurs your vision
Smears away your identity

So take hold
Embrace this moment for yourself
Define your own identity

Reflect on how to achieve what makes you happy

Done scrambling around
Trying to please all others' wants
Put your wisdom first and the rest is sure to come

Read the full of Identity

Here And Now

In a happy place
Filled with love
Filled with wonder
An ever continuing search...
Who am I
Struggles and hardships overcome
Bliss and peace surrounds
Papers strewn across the desks
Not in my head
All the people I shall thank
Every detail of my past
Some great plans for the future
Pumped Up Kicks.

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