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into the mist I traveled
losing myself in reverie
coming upon my soul I thought lost

the mystical fairy
clad in magic
led me to the forests
where my heart could rest

drops of dew from nature's sweet breath
a gift to my parched tongue
giving me strength to journey on

I was carried away on a lonely breeze
a wild dandelion blown far away not knowing where I might land
where I took seed in foreign soil

in the darkness I weep
where no can see

wrapping my angel wings

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~the Quiet Voice~

into the mist I traveled
losing myself in reverie
coming upon my soul I thought lost

there it was shining
like a bright copper sundial
pointing me the way home

calling to me from deep within
a small quiet voice
that I barely recognized

telling me the path ahead perilous
watch your footing in the wastelands
where the vultures circle and pick

madness a real foe
loneliness a reality
frailty my covering

peeking through the misty darkness
came the sun's rays
caressing my soul gently

calling to me with it's tender lilting whisper
come child and find your rest here
let go of your fear and find peace

walk out of the desert and into the lush forests
drink at the stream and be replenished
lay down on the mossy beds of enlightenment

free yourself today
from the constraints of yesterday
as your third eye eases open

witnessing the wonders of a new day
rest now you've traveled long and hard
meditate on the vast oceans

as you walk homeward listening to the whispers
of an inner child long locked away
pick up the pieces of yourself you've lost along the way

come home

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Lilly Mystic Popularity

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