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Lily is just a girl who grew up using words as her escape from life's hardships. Only recently did she stand up to embrace her writing as not just writing but fair word play.

Lily Mosweu Poems

Quiet Pretty Flower

Life, a soul shattering journey for those delicate as the nymphaea tetragona.
Emotion sucking.
Feet dragging.
A silent shout.

On Her Bed She Lay

On her bed she lay
Gaze fixed on the turmoiled branches outside
Still, vicious, wild & confused
Her heart's native tongue

Living In Lonely Years

Spring is here but everything is just so bleak,
Like a tree in the bitter cold, every blow of wind takes away a piece of me,
A baobab I thought I was,
Able to survive with no fat leaves to store my water,

Is It Gone?

Crystal clear, it all is so sparkling bright
My eyes can't stand the light
I try to block it out
Shades I pull out, still no sight


Sweet tender heart she curls in the little corner of her balcony.
Love in a mug, the closest she has been to the most sought warmth of the feeling even diamonds from Africa's heart cannot guarantee.
Her thoughts lost in the buzz below, reading the many hoots & toots she believed in rush to the sweet comfort of love filled homes. Warm food stuffed with trinkles of care & heeps of devotion.
Some to stolen moments, seeking release in the most eerie of places. Deep oceans many men dived into, drowning their hard knotted backs.

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