Linda Farino-Bokitko Lagnese Poems

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Essence Of My Soul

I love you...and when it comes time and I look into your eyes, I will not only see your soul but mine as well...

A Second Chance

A second chance for love and romance begins; cradling unspoken words and actions..... undoubtedly a story for the ages.... a matrix of challenges.

One of them lives with regrets and the other a ravishing bitterness over their unfortunate missteps and unfinished business. Parting and leaving behind what could Have possibly been more than one could imagine.

Grieving An Ocean Of Love

Grieving an Ocean of Love
As they continue consoling their tormented love, conversations once again somehow find there way spiraling down a path of accusations and convictions, continually punishing one another; only later to find themselves expressing tender intervals of devotion and intimacy; slowly dancing their way through the loss and pain, their souls collide in a passionate embrace for a fleeting moment suspended in euphoria, as their imprisoned souls awaken only to realize they are still apart….once again they say good night.



Suddenly, this clutching feeling renders me frozen in time, as I lay helpless; despair hovers over me as it makes its descend. ClaimIng me as her own she begins to quickly ravish the most tender of devotions leaving nothing behind.

How Do I Love Thee My Immortal Beloved

Prelude: I love you...and when it comes time and I look into your eyes, I will not only see your soul but mine as well...

How Do I Love Thee….
How do I describe a passion so great that the thought of you thoroughly overcomes me….taking hold of my body, mind and soul. A trembling essence of raw desire so deep it's debilitating to the core…an uncontrollable craving…

A Calling

Loves first glance as I gaze upon your face, that one voice that stirs and awakes my body; like the air you breathe, each kiss more seductive than the next, all my senses now aroused by our heated embrace; I feel your skin touching mine, a craving only you can fill…. addicted desires of endless satisfaction…sweet gratification of untamed passion building through the ages, as time stands still, you rise in me forever constant, for we are one soul, now whole until the end of time…
Always 💋♥️

A Brief Encounter

A Brief Encounter

A brief echoes of a love so deep that it transcends through the ages. Desperate to pursue a hunger... taking what it needs, like the air we breathe, as darkness falls...calling them like a siren seeking her mate.

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