A Brief Encounter Poem by Linda Farino-Bokitko Lagnese

A Brief Encounter

Rating: 5.0

A Brief Encounter

A brief encounter...as echoes of a love so deep that it transcends through the ages. Desperate to pursue a hunger... taking what it needs, like the air we breathe, as darkness falls...calling them like a siren seeking her mate.

Their racing hearts begin a perpetual dance stroking their passion, endless as the sands of time; each moment that passes threatening their existence; time is their enemy, quickly racing to find one another before their Tempered souls are separated. Once again their journey takes them back into the abyss….

It begins to call them, a force of nature waltzing their shackled souls in flight, their destiny pressing onward to a torrid embrace, all devouring, all consuming.

Desperately seeking consummation, their passion swallows them whole. Embers of their funeral pyre ignite the night sky, as a smoldering plume of their love erupts, .....it opens Heaven's Gates freeing them for a brief moment. As time stands still, flashes of light and darkness shake their eternal existence…, alas cloaked in Ecstasy.

Is it a fleeting moment or a thousand years. Desire now Satisfied, caressing their souls; a relentless craving as they succumbed to their restless addiction for one another.

Again Morning comes and bring it's light, awakened souls begin their flight....


Howard Mcdougal 15 January 2023

an unbelievably fantastic write emotionally filled , thankyou for sharing

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