Linda Harnett

Linda Harnett Poems

1. He Looked Like You 2/21/2005
2. Sitting Quietly 5/15/2004
3. A Fall Of Rain 8/21/2005
4. Another Day Gone 8/21/2005
5. Please Go 8/21/2005
6. A Wintry Walk 8/21/2005
7. The Reason (A Sonnet) 8/21/2005
8. For You 5/21/2004
9. Genie In A Bottle 5/21/2004
10. I'M Going Now 5/21/2004
11. It's Raining 2/21/2005
12. A Special Place 6/4/2005
13. Now All That It Took 2/21/2005
14. The Actor 2/21/2005
15. Let Me Be 5/23/2004
16. Another Day 5/27/2004
17. When Love Came To Call 6/6/2004
18. I'Ve Been Away 5/27/2004
19. A Picture On The Fridge 6/19/2004
20. Nineteen Ninety Nine 5/14/2004
21. How Could I Leave You? 2/27/2006
22. Best Not To Talk 2/27/2006
23. The Question 2/27/2006
24. Autumn Leaves 8/21/2005
25. Bright And Cloudless 6/19/2004
26. Bright Eyes 6/19/2004
27. I Couldn'T Love You More 2/21/2005
28. My New Hair 5/8/2005
29. Fell In Love Again 8/21/2005
30. Today, I Lit A Candle 5/15/2004
31. My Love Remains 2/21/2005
32. Eternal Fire 2/21/2005
33. I Walked 2/21/2005
34. Fearful 2/21/2005
35. All Is Well 2/21/2005
36. I Travelled To The Mountains 5/23/2004
37. Hazy 6/5/2004
38. Breath Of Life 2/21/2005
39. A Flickering Flame 8/21/2005
40. Sleepless Nights 8/21/2005

Comments about Linda Harnett

  • Jenny Mclelland (7/26/2007 11:58:00 AM)

    Hi Linda, I really enjoyed your site and most of all your poetry, amazing.
    some in particular struck a cord..........never stop writing friend

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  • Terry Donovan (3/5/2005 10:57:00 PM)

    Yes, I'm afraid it's me again. I like your poetry so much I regularly come back to see what you have added. I like poetry that I can read and understand without difficulty - and this is what you write.

  • Terry Donovan (9/22/2004 9:26:00 PM)

    I've been back and reading your poems again. They are all so readable and yet say so much. I was really fascinated by 'Windmill', so very profound but leaving us to guess so much. I hope you'll be writing and sharing your poems with us forever!

  • Terry Donovan (6/13/2004 6:41:00 PM)

    I read all your poems with a lot of pleasure. Whether sad or happy, spiritual or earthly, they have a warming glow and show a real underlying understanding of your subject matter. They may or may not be built on your personal experiences, but they are about life - which is obviously a subject you know a lot about.


  • Tammy Natoli (5/19/2004 10:44:00 PM)

    AWESOME! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Michael Tonkin (5/18/2004 12:48:00 PM)

    It was my birthday on the 16th, I read your poems, a marvellous birthday treat. I can only repeat Terry Donovans remarks and for myself, they were wonderful.

  • Terry Donovan (5/15/2004 12:45:00 AM)

    There is so much meaning in all you write, and you convey it without profound poetic terminology, which makes it easy to read, easy to digest. And always enjoyable, even if something like 'Today, I Lit a Candle' can bring a tear to the eye.

  • Adrian Wait (5/14/2004 5:48:00 PM)

    Windmills. A journey within, and without a thoughtful melody of words.

Best Poem of Linda Harnett


Oh, to be lying,
On a beach,
With sand in my toes,
And the wind,
In my hair.

And only the sound,
Of the seagulls,
On high,
On a beach,
Under sunny blue sky.

The gentle caress,
Of the waves,
On the shore,
And you close,
Beside me,
Could I ask for more?

A soft sandy beach,
That goes on,
You, me,
And a beach,
So happy together.

Read the full of Somewhere

A Silver Sea

The sunshine sparkled on a silver sea,
I sat and watched some children on the sand,
I took some time to sit and simply, be,
I needed time alone, you understand?

The ocean merged into the sky above,
The children cast some shadows on the shore,
And though alone I feel the peace and love,
The way I have so many times before,

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