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The darkness of the night
And the burning light in sight,
The stillness of silence
The darkness and loneliness.

As I gaze at the swaying branches
Covering shadows hovering in trickling light,
I feel the breeze that enfolds, then leaves,
Like the echo of a silent whisper, as it takes flight!

Look within, without, beyond and you will see
Life belongs to all to be free.
Listen, see, believe or believe not,
We are all one, together.

As the sun goes down and the lights begin to fade,
A blaze of red shadows the sky
And a fountain of lights sparkle to a great cascade.
I'm lost in a world where silence fills all time.

A man of time gone by, stood alone
So much suffering, so much pain
Carried from a boy to fragments of a man
Was there once a glimmering flame?

As I wander through the carpet of gold
Amidst the sparkling pillars of life, waiting for a secret to unfold,
I see a place, a time beyond
As a memory fades into the breeze, and is gone.

Life is full of stories!
Pictures tell stories,
Stories past, and stories to come.
And stories of our time.

In the eyes of God
We are all equal,
So should it be
In the eyes of humanity!

For I will consider the Fox
For he hides in day
For he comes out in evening
For the light is still,

The inspiration of my heart
To move a solid rock that lay across the path,
The path of life for all to tread
With a faith that moves us to a way ahead,

As a bright sky with unseen sunshine
Shines down on withered trees, with a hope entwined,
Bells ring out a glorious new morn
From such beauty and majesty of times of old,

As the sun filled the sky
The spirits of life lifted high
Touched with warmth and light
Waited in joy for a wondrous sight.

To know no sadness
We would have no happiness
And no tears to fall
No joy at all.

To capture the picture of life,
Its there, to see, to hold,
To be, Not to strive.
Search, no more, and let it unfold.

The breeze ruffles the curtains of silk
Which hide the spirits from whence we came,
, Stroking the soft ripples as they move onward to fill,
While those in watch wither and wane.

Awoken by a beautiful sound,
A melody flowing all around
Echoing of souls from time once known
And onward to those not lived!

In a sunlit sky
Where we dream to fly,
Moving, gently, slowly
With eyes searching longingly!

The ripples of the never ending pool
So silent, as the rays sprinkle silver,
Creating a glittering spring
Of silence and beauty

We know not of the secrets of life untold,
But as we journey onward
To relieve our thirst, in the refreshing springs of renewal,
Soak up the warmth, in the sweet sunny meadows,

To hold a life so tight in your arms
A life so new, held by the heart of love,
With searching eyes wondering at the knowledge of life
So new, so small but knowing of secrets untold to our, hearts.

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Darkness And Light

The darkness of the night
And the burning light in sight,
The stillness of silence
The darkness and loneliness.

A whisper of the world to come
Where day and night cross as one,
A glimmer of light
And a brush of the night.

All around,
Silence is a sound
Where living souls
Dressed in cloaks of darkness
Travel through the midnight hours
And hide away in the morning mist,
Giving way to the flame
That radiates with such warmth,
As the souls return to the light.

Day and night,
Dark and light,
All are one,
As the whisper of silence
Touches the heart
Of the flickering flame!

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