Linda May Fox Poems

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Darkness And Light

The darkness of the night
And the burning light in sight,
The stillness of silence
The darkness and loneliness.

A Rivers Journey

As I gaze at the swaying branches
Covering shadows hovering in trickling light,
I feel the breeze that enfolds, then leaves,
Like the echo of a silent whisper, as it takes flight!

Reflections On Connections

Look within, without, beyond and you will see
Life belongs to all to be free.
Listen, see, believe or believe not,
We are all one, together.

A Shadow In A Festival

As the sun goes down and the lights begin to fade,
A blaze of red shadows the sky
And a fountain of lights sparkle to a great cascade.
I'm lost in a world where silence fills all time.


A man of time gone by, stood alone
So much suffering, so much pain
Carried from a boy to fragments of a man
Was there once a glimmering flame?

A Picture Of Autumn

As I wander through the carpet of gold
Amidst the sparkling pillars of life, waiting for a secret to unfold,
I see a place, a time beyond
As a memory fades into the breeze, and is gone.

More Than A Story

Life is full of stories!
Pictures tell stories,
Stories past, and stories to come.
And stories of our time.

God And Humanity

In the eyes of God
We are all equal,
So should it be
In the eyes of humanity!

For I Will Consider The Fox

For I will consider the Fox
For he hides in day
For he comes out in evening
For the light is still,

Our Divine Friend

The inspiration of my heart
To move a solid rock that lay across the path,
The path of life for all to tread
With a faith that moves us to a way ahead,

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