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I've often pondered in my heart
Why all the aches and pain?
I've often wondered since you've been gone
When will I ever see you again?

Mama, I miss you so much
I really miss your laughter too,
I miss our deep conversations
For there were some things I just never knew.

In my big crayon box
I found a beautiful rainbow,
I found different races of people
That I would just love to know.

Mama, you went off and left me
Without even saying good-bye,
You left without a warning
And I can't help but wonder why.

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I was born on August 17th 1950, Mr.& Mrs. Jobe B.Huntley. I am the eldest of 6 brothers and 1 sister. I am married to Johnny T Stroud Sr.We have 8 children,14 grandchildren and 9 greatchildren. We live in Kannapolis, N.C. a very samll town.It was after the death of my Mother that I began to write poems/poetry. It seemed like everything me was crying out for comfort. I found comfort in writing, because it gave me a chance to write everything I have always felt and was never able to say. It was like a hidden talent sprang forth out of nowhere. I am very thankful to God for what He has allowed me to do with a pen and pencil.My father passed away on June 29th 2000, my Mom Passed away on April 27th 2003 and from that time til now I have spent hours and hours writing.I get great joy out of writing not only to satisfy the pain I have but for others also. As of now, I am a 55 year old high school graduate, and went on to college majoring in Early Childhood. God has been good to me and I have got to be good for Him. I do hope everyone that reads my poems enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

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Mom, Dad, When Will I Ever See You Again?

I've often pondered in my heart
Why all the aches and pain?
I've often wondered since you've been gone
When will I ever see you again?

I miss you both so much
But, I guess no pain no gain,
But sometimes it gets unbearable
Tell me, when will I ever see you again?

I go through each and everyday
Imagining I see your faces,
Oh...... the joy of hearing your voices
When will I ever see you again?

Each day seems null and void
Nothing refills this emptiness in my heart,
It really hurts to lose a love one
When will I ever see you again?

God came one day and got my Dad
Not long after that, He took Mom too,
Everyday is filled with nothing but rain
Please tell me, Will I ever see you again?

I know God is coming back one day
He'll move all tears and pain,
And when this happens, I'll no longer have to wonder
If I will ever see you again.

We will walk one day
Down the streets of gold,
With smiles of everlasting joy
No more sickness, no more pain
For I will be with you again.

Submitted by, Linda Stroud
Date: May 5th 2005

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Linda Stroud Popularity

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