Dr. Antony Theodore Lips Poems

Your Lips Tight,Sadness Written In Your Eyes.

Little one may Jesus be with you!

At this age when rich children
play about with expensive toys

I Felt His Fragrance On My Lips.

I felt his fragrance on my lips.
I slept.
Deep was my sleep.
He came in when the moon shone

Fill Your Lips With The Wine Of Love.

I was praying intensely
for a long time.

Then to my surprise

Eager Lips

It is for you I wait
before my own inner shrine.
You promised that you would come.
I shall wait the whole night through

Then Will You Wet My Lips With The Kiss Of Your Soul?

I am on my way to you Lord.
With faltering steps
I dare to climb up to you.

Until Dawn Kiss My Singing Lips

Enter into his presence
singing and dancing.

Play on your lyre,

On The Lips Of Passionate Desire.

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