Lisa Bellear Poems

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Women's Liberation

Talk to me about the feminist movement,
the gubba middle class
hetero sexual revolution
way back in the seventies

Beautiful Yuroke Red River Gum

Sometimes the red river gums rustled
in the beginning of colonization when

Message Failed

INDIGENOUS: Our lands are here to welcome
PARLIAMENTARIAN: We do not come in peace
INDIGENOUS: As long, as long ago we offer welcome
PARLIAMENTARIAN: We do not come in peace

Final Warning

Our Elders, Olders, respected warriors
have thought and fought for generations.
They have requested I inform this country
of an impending official war. Sadly I am

To No One: And Mary Did Time

Dear someone
out there who
may or may not
give a damn

Conversations (Aka Unfinished Business)

Conversations through the phone
raises issues that still impact
on indigenous Australians. There
is also a message of hope!

Dear Dja Baby Boori

Poor Dja Baby boori, disrespectfully
stolen, ninety nine years ago,
now returned to your ancestors
place or dreaming and your

Poor Pretty Polly

Brokern again like a bad bad feeling
that keeps repeating and when you
finaly relax BANG it’s there again
SMACK wallop in your face, swirling

They Named Me King Billy

Hated wearin’ shoes, makes no sense and
all these other skins and a gentleman’s
hat. For a king, for a king. Sometimes,
they laughed. I will focus above

Ruby Was Never Seen Again 25/9/03

Weep for this wounded desperate soul that never
seems to heal, alone, vocalising to any passer by.
Uncomfortable for some, they turn away, but that won’t stop
her swaying, or mend her destructive pain

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