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Release Me

I cut to subside the pain
I cut to hide the shame
The blood that drips warm & wet
The blood that helps me forget

Under The Night Sky

Under the night sky
Wild and free
Two stars collide
In ecstasy

My Heart

In my dreams-so far away
Your eyes-I still behold
My heart-Could so easily betray
These truths waiting to unfold

Still Fighting The Darkness

Yearning deep within the pit of my soul
Misery aches inside my being
Everywhere there is a void, a nothingness...
Fulfillment? Is that the answer to my loneliness


Wide eyed in the night,
With only darkness in sight
Tugging at the core of my being,
Gripping tightly with no intent of fleeing

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Some of these poems were written when I was a teenager, and I'm still writing. Every time I write, I feel like I'm baring a piece of my soul. Life's never easy, and my poems show different parts of my life & how I am affected by the things that happen. I tend to be manic in how I handle such tumultuous highs & lows. I hope that you'll share your thoughts on them. Enjoy!

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