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I can't show you my love
Can't tell you how much
I think about you.
Can you visit my mind,

People can live this way!
No time table, food crown...
Not sure about the next breath
Hardly they have waste food

You are not sweet
Perpetually not fair
At time you can’t bright.Always
You were wrong

I have lost myself
Nobody ask me...
'Eat to your's heart will'
A plate of food i have not seen

It's not poison! We need it
We can store or eat
let's add extra...Normalize your heartbeat
We are nothing to 'HIM', It's proven benefit

Give back my hope
Awaiting for father at night with Her
Fly high with poverty
Searching for live. Immature rare dreams

I can see my day after present
Not a good man
A rich among you
But a singer.Roaming your village

Money replaces money
Hot game! Skin and we

The hushed crowd
Helpless road
And the street family
Can you see what I'm seeing?

Can you realize the pain?
A very young girl try to kill herself
All time her body back with the soul
She beat her at the last level

Slowly they have grown up
Rest on the sides
Small trees try to hug it
Sunlight draws pictures on the wall

Why love makes me always cry?
without any words,
without fight or rage,
All the time, even at dawn and deep night!

If you can die to kill hundreds,
We can die to kill you...gather up uncivil war!
Raging in the cold streets
which is already flourishing.

I'm not a poet,
Nor like a writer
Me; A daily labor
I sat in the shade of the tree

I received all the pain,
My heart gets filled,
Bloods, steps and smile
Can't feel their presence,

If i melt into the crowd
Bathed in the dust
Could you catch my hand?
I think...


I can like you
like other boys
i can deceive my home
fight with other

They are two,
Dont know
their future,

If i tell you the truth
will you love me?
Or punished me for
telling the truth...

You love me amply
But feel thirsty
And choose your way

Litan Dey Biography

One who starts his life with nothing in a bank account, with an empty family purse, with starving days and with a bony (Meagre) family, has enough to contribute to the welfare of the universe. My name is LITAN DEY and I born with a reassuring scream for my family in July 15th,1989. I grew up in Udaipur, the lake city of Tripura, India and started school there. I had finished my college with a degree in hand “Civil Engineer” in 2012. My masters’ degree in “Water Resource Engineering” has ended well in 2014 with a huge inspiration for the doctoral degree in “River Mechanics or River Engineering”. I currently am working in an engineering college as a lecturer. I love teaching in a friendly and happy environment. As I believe, Poetry is the farthest vision, highest waves in the profound, Orphean tune of the wind, Undaunted race of ink…Pen has tears over which it flows; Men have love, intuition, grief, and greed, what the pen marks on both sides of its flow-path. I got my first award for short story writing competition, one hour time with an uncertain topic, in my undergraduate School. I never write a short story before and after that completion. A few poems of mine have recited in several school and college functions during my student life. Poetry is in my blood and it pokes me continually when I am sad or alone. I do not write poems more often rather gathering enough evidence, from the surrounding world, for writing. My most poems are in my mother tongue, Bengali. I love watching movies, singing, listening music, especially soft music, travelling, playing tricky games, etc. I got easily addicted to anything that I like.)

The Best Poem Of Litan Dey

I Can'T Show My Feelings!

I can't show you my love
Can't tell you how much
I think about you.
Can you visit my mind,
Stay in my heart,
Flow in my imagination?
Can you hear my soul
For only one second?
There is still no device
To measure Love!
If you can be me even for a minute
Then you will know how it's hurts
When i miss you!

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Hribhu Dey 20 May 2014

Hi Poet, I love the simplicity and naturalness about your poems. They flow spontaneously. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Best of luck.

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