Lokendra Singh

Freshman - 723 Points (26/12/1988 / Ajmer)

Lokendra Singh Poems

1. Good People Still Exist 4/26/2015
2. Clarion Call Of Vedant 4/26/2015
3. Success 5/1/2015
4. My Mother-God Is In Everthing But More In A Mother 5/1/2015
5. Prayer-My Rescue 5/14/2015
6. Peeping Life Through My Eyes 5/15/2015
7. Yoga 6/21/2015
8. Writing Pain 6/22/2015
9. Ego 6/22/2015
10. Faith And Love 7/5/2015
11. Meditation 7/18/2015
12. Love Alone The Lotus Feet Of The Lord 7/23/2015
13. On Independence Day 8/14/2015
14. A Poem On International Yoga Day 6/13/2015
15. Don'T Immitate, Be What You Are 6/13/2015
16. A Riddle 6/13/2015
17. Mobile 6/13/2015
18. Who Is Wife? 6/13/2015
19. She Is My Life, She Is My Wife 4/24/2015
20. Dream 4/25/2015
21. Shatter Your Shackles Of Mediocrity 4/22/2015
22. Master 6/16/2015
23. My Master's Magic 8/21/2015
24. Yoga Of Devotion 5/16/2015
25. Love Is In The Air 5/1/2015
26. Joy Of Writing 4/25/2015
Best Poem of Lokendra Singh

Joy Of Writing

I write out of joy.

Who cares for name and fame?

Who cares for publishing?

What reward do I want?


Writing itself is a reward,

Writing itself is a joy,

The process of writing made me what I want to be

Or what I want to feel...

I want nothing else.

I love words, I love sentences,

I love every writing piece,

I love writing.

That is why writing is a joy for me.

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Clarion Call Of Vedant

The Vedanta lion is roaring to the youths
I am the remedy, I am the truth,
I will sooth you and make you couth,
I am the treasure, I am the master-key,
You will find all answers in me.
Whenever despair encircles you,
Whenever you feel low,
Whenever you get any blow,
Always remember I am there to aid,

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