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I've struck out in baseball.
I've struck out in love.I've struck out in the game of life.
I've made a few mistakes in my life.
A life of wonder.

Are you afraid of the light or the dark.
Are you afraid of wanting or never receiving.
Are you afraid of life or death.
Are you afraid of the government or going it alone.

As the sands of time linger on,
another looms out into the great wide open,
open for possibilities of peace & love,
love the lady in your life, dedication, a lover in forgetfulness

Streets a soul left in ruins.
Once an army vet left
in chains.
Strains of a war in yester year.

very quite tippa nary.
A silence in Gary.
Music now consumes my life.
Alone again But he who ventures


Why has the flowers withered and gone.
why was she not the one for me.
Why does the sun revolve around the moon.
Why does the lonely man still have no one.


Grim as be on this night.
A soul ever waining.
A shore to never explore.
Awaken by the presence of his being.

A mist flows over this valley.
The green has turned to brown.
Brown fields of poison
permeet this air.

strange as the memories of you
come so clear.
Clear mornings without you.
You & me against this world.


They say never say never.
They say don't walk.
Don't talk back.
But when they're accountable

A bar into the stars.
A life of scars,
as the drunks declare
a toast to him.

A shift in time
its on everyone's dime.
A mystery, a force, a crime.
Crime with a magical ending.

Get away from me, she says.As her memory is frozen
in time.
time does not bring me

The end is near my friend.
Time to get things arranged.
A life pre determined.
A sermon on the dying.

The day has its passion.
A disease a night in fashion.
An iconic princess walks
along the poverty's lane.A garbled talk, a man unknown.


Taken in stride
a ride for all times.
Taken in lethal doses.
A man of sarcoses.


She cries in the
middle of the night.
Of her abuses
of her life,

So weird, so charming.
A forest, a hill.
I'm not your
Prince Charming.

Waiting for a
lovely lady with the smile to light up
the darkness in the
heart of doom.


She was once the only
one for me.
Tranquility, sanctuary, a memory
of love's gone by.

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Survival at its best in The Hammer.)

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I've struck out in baseball.
I've struck out in love.I've struck out in the game of life.
I've made a few mistakes in my life.
A life of wonder.
A moon over me.
But another day beckons me to start again.

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Coffee is the daily buzz of life. Why not choose an alternative to nothing. Isn, t the quest of love like a wild ride..

Destination alley is a force to loneliness.

Tranquility the be all end all to all lifes mysteries, , yepper..

Maybe I do not have a quote. Taken a boat to China..

.Pizza pie oh my. Z is the ending of her stay..

A date with destiny or a date with doom.

Chicago Style pizza pie oh, my...

What are your options in life? Another door to choose. Where is Monty?

Money You say. How much is on the way. Enough to keep living on.

I've have finished with the dating scene or is it scheme. A game played with a lot of patience.

As if you were the one in front of my face. As if you were the one for me.

Don't be a Johnny Bugger.

Why has all the goodness gone. Why have the rains come down upon me.

Life in itself is a dizzying illusion of Ignition of being & the extinction of not.

Trust a 5 letter word meaning involving another being.

woman the other part of the equation

Being with you is my need for the day

Why does the moon bite at night?

Fish your bass off. Don't mess with a conniving female.

Quote, quote, quote.

Today is not the day for mystery. Mystery a date with M.

Salvation a word often heard in the darkness of this life.

Today is a new chapter in your lives. Never was a dull moment when she was on the horizon, .

Yesteryear has past us by. by the new day is she the one

when the dream begins cultivate this life & bloom...

Peace on brothers & sisters. As we let romance in to rule the night...

No I will not commit to yesterday...

Just a humble man trying to get through the day...

Destiny's child has left the city for the country side...

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Mountain Man Popularity

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