Ramesh T A Loss Poems

A Greatest Loss For Humanity!

Demise of good people is a greatest loss for humanity;
As long as they are there, good people are utilized
For all multipurpose activities by many in the world;
But when they die soon, will funds sent in their names

A Compensation For The Loss Of A Beloved!

Convincing condolences from friends all over the world
Really give relief to the grieving heart for the
Irreparable loss of a beloved soul never to regain!

No Loss For Love Ever!

For all close relationships love is the base,
Upon which only companionship, intimacy
And friendship are developed for life sure!

Create An Epic To Compensate A Great Loss In Life!

Relativity of human life is with experiences of joy and sorrow that are painful to enjoy
And bittersweet in taste not only in the past but also in the present and future too;
The best experiences of life that cannot be forgotten ever live in dreams to refresh life;
Comedy and tragedy like humour and sorrow are part and parcel of life in the world!

A Compensation For The Great Loss Of A Loving Soul!

There may be some compensation for the loss of anything
in the human world in which we are all partners forever;
But can there be a replacement or compensation for the
Loss of a most loving soul abruptly in our life here..?

No Compensation Can Replace Irreparable Loss In Life!

What is the compensation for the life lost in the world?
Compensation for the people died in train or bus or car
Accidents occurring here and there is money or job to
The dependent people to the dead ones at the most ever!

A Great Compensation For The Loss Of Pleasure!

Visual aesthetic pleasure kindles many other pleasures
In man to enjoy in world life to get fulfilment and peace;
Sans sound body and mind, no pleasure can be enjoyed sure;
Sans enjoyment of all pleasures there's no fulfilment in life!

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