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i love to write poems that is all

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Light Across The Blue Sea

As you wait for the light from heaven
The smoke from the mouthless children they spoke
With our time passing by the string that hold
Father hear your broken and hopeless son

Tears Of The Fallen Star

With tears of the ragged one to feel
My world seems lost for Eternity
Believing the words that will never heal
Infinity through out the Century

Concept Of Not Being There

I'm cursed from the life of sorrow
Unspoken words unleashes through their voices
Voices that cannot be seen with my eyes
Conceive the last stand as cold as ice

The Flesh Of A Dying Angel

Brother of my beloved spirit
Rest and wait for your gleaming words
Until the light lift you through your misery
Hold me, pray to my fallen incantation

The Chronicle Of A Broken Heart

Birth, the first step to salvation
One look is all it takes to know
To start the beginning of my ending
Every morning, everyday, every week

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Louemile Escober 30 June 2008

please leave a comment please? thank you

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