Louisa May Alcott

(29 November 1832 – 6 March 1888 / Pennsylvania / United States)

Louisa May Alcott Poems

41. Clover-Blossom 4/6/2010
42. The Mother Moon 4/6/2010
43. Our Little Ghost 4/6/2010
44. Flowers, Dear Flowers, Farewell! 4/6/2010
45. To The First Born 4/6/2010
46. A Little Bird I Am 4/6/2010
47. Chevalita 4/6/2010
48. Transfiguration 1/1/2004
49. From The Short Story Shadow-Children 1/1/2004
50. Lullaby 1/1/2004
51. From The Short Story A Christmas Dream, And How It Came True 1/1/2004
52. My Kingdom 1/1/2004
53. The Rock And The Bubble 1/1/2004
54. Thoreau's Flute 1/1/2004
55. Don'T Drive Me Away 4/6/2010
56. Fairy Song 1/1/2004

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    was there a real Laurie (the boy next door) in Louisas life?

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    She Is New It is like i Dont even know her so i am going to figure out about her

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    Love her poems! ! What a beautiful lady?

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    I gotta read her books. I'm in the middle of Little Women

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Best Poem of Louisa May Alcott

The Rock And The Bubble

Oh! a bare, brown rock
Stood up in the sea,
The waves at its feet
Dancing merrily.

A little bubble
Once came sailing by,
And thus to the rock
Did it gayly cry,--

"Ho! clumsy brown stone,
Quick, make way for me:
I'm the fairest thing
That floats on the sea.

"See my rainbow-robe,
See my crown of light,
My glittering form,
So airy and bright.

"O'er the waters blue,
I'm floating away,
To dance by the shore
With the foam and spray.

"Now, make way, make way;
For the waves are strong,
And their...

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'The Frost-King' Song 1

We are sending you, dear flowers
Forth alone to die,
Where your gentle sisters may not weep
O'er the cold graves where you lie;
But you go to bring them fadeless life
In the bright homes where they dwell,
And you softly smile that't is so,
As we sadly sing farewell.
O plead with gentle words for us,