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(Pls. tell me if i need to do any improvements. Thanks.)

My name is Jack and i came to play as i first thought of the sight of you

Into the Dark! ! !
My life is given to you! ! !
Into the Dark! ! !

Intro: This a song from the band i used to be in.


Intro: Another song from my band

This place reminds me of much
Our story of the beginning

Death happening never life snappin'
All I see is light a nothing more
I think my worthless life is better than so much more
Death B4 Dishonor is what im saying

One by one they are cut

By scissors are neither human nor will make me tremble
Step by step i have to be careful or i will might see the Devil

I cant hear what my ears hear.
Screaming, crashing, everything around me is burning.
I wish I can never hear.
So I can never shed another tear.

Hating everyone with every bit of anger within my mind.
Betrayed as being displayed on stage.
Im not a puppet that listen to what they say.
I cut my lines to make me for this very day.

One final heartbreak.
Down I cry yelling at the reaper who made my lover die
When everything is laid to waste I am left standing all alone in this Earth called Hell.
Angry with the others that accuse me.

Deceived by friends.
Hurting myself for my life there is nothing else.
Demons and Angels watching me to see what is going to happen to me.
I see a baseball bat near my door, angered saying I cant take it anymore.

I see you laughing, lookin' at me like im a sort of freak.
Wanna know something im ****ing AWOL if you make me tweak.
Death will be of you if you dont think.
Beat me up toss me around like without a care, your life will be over like in a carnival fair.

http: // v=6UiBAoivy2k

Treating my heart like a bomb the flames ignite my heart does not go out.
I loved a girl who was in my life until she died. I've haven't been so focused as I used to.

Snow, ice, cold
This is what the mind feels like of being alone
Love, Hate, Poison
Why does love sting and kill one another

We the people of Untied States of America
For which it stands
One nation under God

Part 2 of 2 (The evil version i hope you all like it)

My heart broke as I feel sick within my own stomach.

On a day of winter I walk in the cold
I hold a note of a last piece of harmony
A music that brings the greastest world leaders to their knees
ears bleed, eyes gouged, mouth in a twist

In my sleep
Darkness approaches me with its shadow
A mirror I shattered long time ago with bitter hate
Hating myself

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Hiding within the forest where there is nothing say a soul.)

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A Short Distance (A Long Distance Relationship Tribute)

(Pls. tell me if i need to do any improvements. Thanks.)

My name is Jack and i came to play as i first thought of the sight of you

during this whole disarray.I thought of you everyday, typing, texting

during this month of a cold May. I saw you once and you saw me you

are more beautiful than any eye could see, i had to meet you but yet

you are so far away will i make it to be with you during this coming

christmas day? Three years of us being friends as our one year

together becomes so very close this short distance is coming close.

Our love is becoming more alive than to be shown a lie more and

more i begin to believe as i make my walk through this winters eve.

One by one i walked a thousand miles i ran for you, to see you, to hold

you. One day you didnt text or call back as i kept getting closer and

closer to your place so i could see the big smile on your angelic face. I

ran and ran some more; lost but yet close to your place another day

you didnt call or text me back was paranoia overcoming me, i found

your place it is more nicer than i imagined. It was christmas eve as i

walked slowly towards your house i was close to the door but i heard a

laugh or so, i went and peeked in the window she was there very

beautiful and pretty until i saw some other man with her kissed and


To be cont.....1 of 2

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Claire Pigram 24 July 2009

Hi, I have read your poems/lyrics and find them somewhat dark but inspirational, I can really feel the emotion behind them. Keep up the good work x

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