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- School every morning
And that’s so boring
- I hate School
There are only rules

- It was in a dark night
Under the moon light
- We sat under the tree
With glee

Blue like the sky and yellow like the sun
Blue for the pure mind and yellow for the jealous heart
Blue when the breeze make the yellow flowers swim with
Blue as tha waves that gropes on the yellow sand

We'll he care if he saw the tear in my eye
We'll he wipe it and kiss my brow
Or he'll just look at me and..go
Leaving me in a big storm of ideas

My eyes weeping
But ur lips r sneering(how dare u?)
u'r always messing with my feelings
And the tears like rain on my cheeks

Let in your eyes a shinning gleams
Only for hope it seems
Don’t be shame
And tell your name

U meet the girl
And every day
U look into her gleams eyes
U listen carefully to her musical voice

I want to yell
I want every body listen
I don’t wanna anything from life
Just freedom

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- School every morning
And that’s so boring
- I hate School
There are only rules
- School every day
No more play
- In thoes places
You find Sad faces
- School is near
Hope i’m not here
- And we are
Not far
- Teachers are not cool
And puples are fool
- You’ll stand in front of gate
If you come late
-So be a hero
And take a zero

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William Breland 16 June 2009

Hi sweetie, just read some of yer word kiddo. Great stuff and that poem about frinds was rite on target! ! GREAT JOB! ! 10++++++ keep up the work sweetie..

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