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I was born in california, and lived in the mountains with the beauty of the land in my heart. and love to reach out and touch peoples hearts through my emotions and feelings. when I reach a heart, it wells me into a spirit of joy. For I am not a hard person, but that of a peice of molded clay, from the pain i've lived through during my life. My emotions are like thee ocean, the sadness swells, and the tides of joy keep washing ashore. for I am a happy man now.

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Hazel Hale 28 November 2009

hey will its me i love you

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Candle Of Love

As the flame flickers, up high above, you make my heart melt, from the candle of love. You give me light, when I can't see, you take my sadness, and set it free. The candle of love. Always there, day or night, you guide me in, with your shimmering light. You are there to warm me, when I am cold, always around, for me to hold. The candle of love. You have understanding, and show me concern, forever in my heart, your candle will burn. When the power is out, you're always there, to give me comfort, and show me care. The candle of love. This may be a poem, but the feelings are real, from your candle of love, you made me feel. How proud I am, to be at your side, now I have light, I don't have to hide. The candle of love. For you my dear, you make me live, in return, I'd like to give. My candle of love. I Love You!

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William Breland Popularity

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