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Tree Please Forgive Me

Oh tree, oh tree
Please forgive me

Oh tree, oh tree

Slave Girl

The Viking ship she had saw 
& sail this is going to be a dead show 
Up in a mountain she had been 
But as fast as the wind she came to see

Left I Was Alone

When my team needed me the most 
I found myself out of control 
All the things I will throw 
Then suddenly apologiesly I will bow 

Greatest Mother

I passed the country line
I saw all the stars in the night
I spend my old days 
In the passages of horror 

Plane Memory

Out from no where it came 
It always had played a lame game 
Summers sun shone in the sky 
And now it's under it for a try 

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I am a teen who lives in a hot city
But gladly I am so happy
Sure I can continue doing it
And I won't stop being what I want
I love writing poems
I love painting pictures
I hope u like me
Cuz I am sometimes lonely

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