Lucy Larcom Poems

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Easter, (Sunrise And Sunset)

'T IS Easter eve; the day is fading;
O Thou, with whom there is no death,
While twilight every path is shading,

A Heart's Prayer

A PRAYER is in my thoughts to-night
I hardly dare to say:
'Lord, put my wishes all to flight,

Across The River

WHEN for me the silent oar
Parts the Silent River,
And I stand upon the shore
Of the strange Forever,

Climbing To Rest

STILL must I climb, if I would rest:
The bird soars upward to his nest;
The young leaf on the treetop high

In The Air

THE scent of a blossom from Eden!
The flower was not given to me,
But it freshened my spirit forever,

Prayer On The Mountain

GIRD me with the strength of Thy steadfast hills,
The speed of Thy streams give me!
In the spirit that calms, with the life that thrills,

The Heart Of God

O LIFE, that breathest in all sweet things
That bud and bloom upon the earth,
That fillest the sky with songs and wings,

Ring, Happy Bells!

RING, happy bells of Easter time!
The world is glad to hear your chime;
Across wide fields of melting snow
The winds of summer softly blow,

Hand In Hand With Angels

HAND in hand with angels,
Through the world we go;
Brighter eyes are on us
Than we blind ones know;

As A Flower

OPEN your heart as a flower to the light!
Darkness is passing; the Sun is in sight;
Morning with splendor is piercing life through,

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