Easter, (Sunrise And Sunset) Poem by Lucy Larcom

Easter, (Sunrise And Sunset)

'T IS Easter eve; the day is fading;
O Thou, with whom there is no death,
While twilight every path is shading,
Breathe through us thy sweet Spirit's breath!
And when our last night comes, may we
Fall peacefully asleep in Thee!
The sun sets not; it is earth going
Awhile to hide her from the sun,
Where gentler, cooler winds are blowing;
To feel the coming day begun
Beneath soft night's refreshing dews; —
To wait for light she cannot lose.
To die with Christ — it is not dying;
It is but sinking deep with Him
Into the Father's bosom, lying
In that warm, sheltering silence dim,
Until the radiance of His eyes
Shines into ours, and slumber flies.
Sunrise! — it is the world arising: —
Her Lord, the Sun, she turns to meet,
Strange beauty everywhere surprising
Her steps- glad births of light and heat;
It is earth's face with joy aglow
To see life round her bud and grow.
To rise with Christ — it is awaking
Into the brightness of God's face;
It is to see His splendor breaking
Through every form, in every place,
As all ,along the heavenly way
Unfolds the dawn of His great day.
O Christ! this holy Easter morning
Pierce every shadow of our sin
With love's dear beckoning, truth's forewarning!
Thy life anew in us begin!
Let us the Father's glory see,
And rise into His light with Thee!

Lucy Larcom

Lucy Larcom

the United States
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