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" The greatest flaw of humanity is the ability to deceive."

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Haiku- Un

Arise morning sun
Let sweet life breath joy today
Before shadow comes.

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20 July 2016

The greatest flaw of humanity is the ability to deceive.

20 July 2016

Greed is the ultimate destruction of mankind.

11 August 2016

'La vie est un voyage tres merveilleux parfois ça me faire peur'

07 February 2018

'And within each glimmer of light, there is a man intent of darkness.'

17 February 2018

Every human weakness is within their personality.

17 February 2018

Love is a silent hustler, dumbstruck our hearts whenever it pleases.

19 February 2018

In time, all broken hearts heal but never forgotten.

19 February 2018

I love you so much with all my dignity, my infancy That even words I wrote to describe my love Fall in love with you.

19 February 2018

Any regrets I had was gone the moment I breathe the same air as you.

19 February 2018

Whether we admit it or not, we are all broken, hoping, and waiting for that one moment to complete us.

20 February 2018

If love were not blind. How much more worthwhile and sincere saying I love you would mean.

27 February 2018

I have always found the world to be a dark and lonely place, unbearable at times. But after you walked in, my heart has finally awakened from a long, desolate hibernation, beating only for you.

28 February 2018

Even in darkness, you've trespassed into my heart, invaded my deepest thought without permission.

06 March 2018

Even when I'm lost, pieces of my heart scattered all over as darkness consumed my very soul. Somehow, you managed to find me and make me whole once more.

06 March 2018

Just when the moonlight found a reason to breathe, the night is gone, taking with her the magic.

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