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Nobody knows my name
Since I've been here
wherever I came from
whoever I may be

The night is young
and lonely
I have waited
but no one comes


Imagine time
take one minute
even a second

Never was a night more lonely than now,
I sit here waiting for the moonlight
Just a glimpse, one smile
To brighten my night

Je déteste ça que je t'aime,
Que je besoin de vous,
Que je te veux.
Je déteste ça,


Love hurts
Sometimes healed
Love's careless
Sometimes sheltered

Since the sun forget
to wake up this spring morning,
so it rains like hell.

Again and again
today, the summer rain falls
leading the rainbow

It begins with your smile across the room
Our eyes met flames of pure passion erupt
My heart jumps skipping beats after beats
Levitates through the air, breathless

Do not crick crack yourself
Concocted false assumption
of self-revered
forging empty feeling within

If tonight was the last night
I would have liked to have spent yesterday with you
and the day before
But since tonight is the first night

I wish you knew
where the stars went
The moon fades
and the rainbow crawled from

I can no longer remember my name
When your smile pierced through my eyes
As much as it calmed me down
It is also my weakness

Even as our eyes held truth with no regrets
Still, loneliness comes with a voice of her own
Leaving pieces of ourselves
In between goodbyes

Everybody's running away
Never takes the time to look back
and see me
Always passed through me,

I was very content before I met you;
my heart was at peace.
I didn't know what love is
And didn't care much for it.

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" The greatest flaw of humanity is the ability to deceive.")

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Haiku- Un

Arise morning sun
Let sweet life breath joy today
Before shadow comes.

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The greatest flaw of humanity is the ability to deceive.

Greed is the ultimate destruction of mankind.

'La vie est un voyage tres merveilleux parfois ça me faire peur'

'And within each glimmer of light, there is a man intent of darkness.'

Every human weakness is within their personality.

Love is a silent hustler, dumbstruck our hearts whenever it pleases.

In time, all broken hearts heal but never forgotten.

I love you so much with all my dignity, my infancy That even words I wrote to describe my love Fall in love with you.

Any regrets I had was gone the moment I breathe the same air as you.

Whether we admit it or not, we are all broken, hoping, and waiting for that one moment to complete us.

If love were not blind. How much more worthwhile and sincere saying I love you would mean.

I have always found the world to be a dark and lonely place, unbearable at times. But after you walked in, my heart has finally awakened from a long, desolate hibernation, beating only for you.

Even in darkness, you've trespassed into my heart, invaded my deepest thought without permission.

Even when I'm lost, pieces of my heart scattered all over as darkness consumed my very soul. Somehow, you managed to find me and make me whole once more.

Just when the moonlight found a reason to breathe, the night is gone, taking with her the magic.

Not even all the rain in the world can contain this raging flames, burning deep inside my heart, waiting to erupt.

Lies have a way of catching up, betraying his own heart, not even forgiveness can mend.

Every good dream has a bad moment, hence every bad dream, there is always a glimmer of hope. A chance to shine, as long as you hang on and never give up.

How nice it is to know someone like you exist. I want to see you tonight, tomorrow night and every night after Matter of fact, why don't you make it all the time in between because every day that I don't see you is a complete waste.

I was very content before I met you, my heart was at peace. I didn't know what love is and didn't care much for it. Now my world is in chaos, and nothing will ever be the same again.

If I lie awake at night is because I can't take one glance away from you

Such beauty to behold, and the moon has found it in your eyes.

As soon as I saw you, my heart no longer beat to keep me alive.

Only love transcends the most obscure heart, utterly eradicate its malignant intent

What a dream it is To wake up in your eyes

So fortunate to wake up in your eyes each morning, then to have you smile. What a delightful dream.

Only loneliness knows the truth. I meant to love you I just didn't want to get hurt

Since you've lost your way into my heart Do you really believe I am capable of loving anyone else My dear, you are the apotheosis of pleasure.

I am lost, within the thought of you.

Who needs wake up call when I'm dreaming of you.

My heart breathes and smile of love When I think of only you

Love is a complete mess blossoms all seasons with no rules, no direction.

Love's purest essence travel the wind Irresponsibly spreading joys and heartache to anyone willing and accepting.

Born to die In between hours, Life takes hold Of millions of thoughts and decisions Defining who we chose to be as our best selves.

Always a great love Greatest ever, If after the heartbreak Love gives the courage to move forward.

Nothing about this tangle Web love weave is Casual.

A Broken heart only heals when and if you make love home.

I wanted the night, only now finding out she was the sun all along.

Who are you But memories, I no longer Want to remember.

She was the moon on a night puzzle of stars.

One teardrop from love's eyes create a sea of heartaches

I think of you often but never in a million year I thought the moon would get that close.

Always let your heart lead you But never control you.

For as long as there are hearts to rule Love will always be king

Even from afar hearing your voice have eased this broken heart of mine.

Imagine if I had turned right that day instead of turning left Our paths would never have crossed Sometimes, one wrong turn made all the differences.

Sometimes the heart that left in ruin, Tends to shine the brightest Once the moon comes around again

Not only have I held you in my arms but in my mind, as well as my heart You will live forever never miss a single beat.

I love you doesn't always mean I love Sometimes love travels in disguise.

There is no such thing as a perfect love without sacrifice, hard work, and timing. even then, such quintessential love may still be out of reach

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Ludolf Dauphin Popularity

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