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Ich Vermisse Dich (I Miss You)

Ich schrieb es mit Blut in den Schnee:
"Ich vermisse dich und es tut so weh"
Ich schrie es mit all meiner Kraft über die Dächer:
"Wo bist du? " Alles was ich hörte war Gelächter.


There is someone in the mirror
looking back at you
sick of all your lies,
sick of all the times she tried to cry.


He was the first glowworm I ever met
the time without him was painted in the blackest black
dark gray sunrise in September
she spilled the bucket of black color in December.

Fallen Princess

Fallen princess is her new name for me,
fallen princess how she uses to call me,
so I start to doubt
Fallen princess, is this really me.

This Is How Life Goes

I'm a sheep
dancin' 'round the midnight fields
Life is like
being white and wrong

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