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I'm a Tree Elf
Well more accurately
A Human Tree Elf
But since I'm in this form

Love and Hugs and Phantom Dancing
Fairy Bells and People Laughing
Berries, Fruits and other sweets
Home made gifts and other treats

Though still buried deep within her frosty bed
Her Blankets laid deep and high above her head
I could feel her stir beneath the gaze
Of her lovers warm and tempting praise

As we enter into the Dark half of the year
Celebrating that fleeting moment
When night and day
Carry equal weight

I nurse a feeling
One that kept me going
For some Dark Nights
Through some Dark Seasons

I am
I am, The Spirit of the Fire
I am
I am, The Spirit of the Fire

I'm really liking this year so far
Which is good, because well,
Last year sucked
Big Time

A cup of tea
A pint of beer
A carafe of coffee in the morning
A piece of cake

I wish you kids would stop bickering
Science can't prove the gods don't exist
And Art can't prove they do
But we do exist

When being invited to a Pagan,
Or Earth centred event
I hear the term like minded people

'Irish Catholic Witch? ' you say.

'Yes' I answer.
'Sort of a Fairy God Mother,

I remember
Just for a moment
Long Ago
I thought

Three sacred songs the poet knows
One for Sorrow, One for Joy, One for Rest.
Each song three cords it braids
Into still another song or three

I hear the drum call
I hear her call my name
I hear the drum call
I hear him say

We are Tribe!
We said
The words resound inside my heart

Helper Elves, Angels and the Fay
Come in all sorts of shapes and sizes
Some as big and wide as tree's
Some as softly in the world

To my fellow Elves
You'll know who you are
Because you smiled to yourselves
When I recognized

The road was rough
The landscape had been torn apart
Demons were howling at the Doors
Winds were tearing at the edges

Softly Falling
A blanket to Quiet
The Thundering Sounds
Of the Everyday Madness

Worker Bee
Carefully Gathering
What is Needed
For the Future

Lynn Anne Brown Biography

I a Tribal Pagan Writer, Poet and Creative and Spiritual Explorer, dedicated to finding and celebrating the Best in myself and others through community building and the Practice of Kindness.)

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Also Known As Being Irish

I'm a Tree Elf
Well more accurately
A Human Tree Elf
But since I'm in this form
The Human Part is pretty obvious
It's the rest
That could use
A little explaining
And a little understanding
Of the Irish Spirit
That winds every bit of Life
Into a ball of Yarns
To be told Later
On Winter Nights
By the Fire

A Tree was planted
The Day that I was born
In a stand of Oak
Kept sacred and Apart
By an Inheritor of the Arts
Who once called himself
A Copenhager
When asked
What his religion was
By those who would have held
Catholic against him
Yet being Irish Themselves
Were entertained
By a story he wound
Just for them

Or was it
Was there something
To his tale
Of an offspring church
Established by his Grandfather
Or so it went
Where it's Priests
Rode a circuit
Between the Places
They were Welcomed
Bringing everything
They owned
In cargo bags
Carried by
A trusty Horse

They said
He could talk to horses
And horses talked to him
Telling him what
They needed
In exchange
For that Trust
And he would honour that.

He was also known for finding water
And being a cattle rancher
And knowing how to build a house
And loosing the fingers on his right hand
When he helped to build the Church in Town
And serving as Reeve, (it's kind of like mayor)
Of a Small Ontario County
Unchallenged for more than 30 years
Who as Justice of the Peace
Would after his own night of drinking
Pass by the local Jail
To make sure the drunks had been released
So that they could drag their hangovers to work with them
As they suffered through their morning chores
“Punishment enough” he'd muse laughingly

For being discreet in his dealings
With those who faced troubles
For sitting in the back pew
When his rank entitled him to take the front
For settling the lingering tension that still held between
The Orange and the Green.
For believing that local folk
Know best how to govern themselves
For sleeping sitting up, though sometimes it seemed
He didn't sleep at all...
This Guardian
Who Celebrated
Simply being Irish

Who through his words
And the way he lived his life
Inspired an a desire to understand
How to make things work
So they worked for everyone

Tall Order Yes
But much easier
When you get to work
With other Elves
Because well...
When given the Opportunity
We Helper Elves like making things
And if we can
We like to make things Good.
Because we like to live the Good Life, when we can
Which makes the work, worth Celebrating

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