Lynn El Amine

Rookie (28 september 1991 / Antwerp - Belgium)

Lynn El Amine Poems

1. Blame Is Temptation 1/23/2008
2. Bedlam 1/23/2008
3. I Am Not There 1/23/2008
4. The Clock Ticks... 1/23/2008
5. Hello Beautiful 1/23/2008
6. Empty Bed 1/29/2008
7. Six Pages And A Half Of Complication... 2/17/2008
8. Inverted Colors. 2/17/2008
9. If Only.. 2/17/2008
10. Insomnia 1/23/2008
11. October 1/24/2008
12. The Pages Remain Empty... 2/17/2008
13. Undefined. 2/17/2008
14. It Won'T Be Anytime Soon... 1/23/2008
15. Ouch... 2/17/2008
16. My Hand On The Trigger 1/23/2008
17. Under The Weather... 1/29/2008
18. Chewing Gum. 2/17/2008
19. Coffee 1/23/2008
20. Candy 1/23/2008
Best Poem of Lynn El Amine


This poem is not really about Candy. It's about temptation. I used the word 'Candy' metaphorically. It's up to the reader to know what this poem is really about.

I went to buy candy this morning
10 am
Fucked me up on the inside
Burned my throat
Was it really candy that I bought?

Next thing I know
Time is my friend
Or is it just pretend?
I wonder how many of my scars
Candy would be able to mend

Aisle three
Get more of that candy
The light is dim here
But it's all clear
The candy I want to get
Makes me easily forget

So I buy ...

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Blame Is Temptation

Don't blame me
For blame is temptation
Blame me again
And I'll be out there
Repeating the same blend

I have my water
And you have your sacred story
My wishes, you desire to slaughter

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