Lynn El Amine

Rookie (28 september 1991 / Antwerp - Belgium)

Ouch... - Poem by Lynn El Amine

My bubble screams
Stitched up
Burst by a new pin

And Oh
There I go
Lingering on the side walk
Eye to the telescope
Am I that far?

I wonder
If you notice
What I put up with
How much I handle the things I despise

I guess Mary Jane's got you blinded
Every day,
The same game
Every day,
The same play
Your mistress

And I,
Your wife,
Stand in the shadows
Witnessing your love affair

And Ouch
It hurts to say
Intoxicated words
Are sober thoughts

I breathe it in
Swallow it deep down
Let you live
Have your fun
But there you go
You never fail to be
The needle, the pin
Popping those balloons
Bursting another bubble

Funny how
I still smile
When I see your face
Hear your voice
Though the truth isn't far from reality
I've fallen in your arms
Fallen from grace

Enjoy your moments of green
Time will pass
You'll keep on throwing up
I'll keep my eyebrows up
Show you what this affair's making me believe

I guess I'll sleep on the couch tonight
Or maybe on the sidewalk
I don't know
Gonna be away from you
Gonna let you and your best friend
Enjoy our bed
Gonna let you smoke it up
Gonna keep my mouth shut

It's chilly
I'm cold
But at least I don't have to worry about you
You're protected
You've got something keeping you warm

You strike me with words
Agonized by the sudden surprise
I try to explain my dear
That what I feel is certainly real
But La-La Land's got you drifted away
And you refuse to obey
The sweet commands
Coming from my broken voice

And I try to hold back my tears
While writing this less than perfect verse
I'm sure you didn't mean it
But Ouch
Your mouth sends out daggers
All headed in one direction
Now I'm struck
By your lightening
And you're just outside
You're just away

Tomorrow will be a new day for you
Will be a new intoxication…

Most of my conscious nights
Where my eyes were wide
And open
I'd be wondering
If you're asleep
Or just out there
Smoking your weed

I hate to think
But we used to laugh about it
Now the limits have been crossed
Won't you send that tiger back into its cage?

I know how much you care
Won't you please save me from the despair?

Can't really define where I am right now
Passed the anger, passed the rage
But my river's about to flood
That cigarette of yours
Has been puffed on my skin
It burns, digs a hole in me
Just like a pin…

I've been bitten
Over and over again
And Mary Jane
Looking elegant and sweet
Only with you
Only for you
Only in you…

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