Lynne Howard Poems

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Stormy Night

Formidable clouds begin to appear
In a somewhat ominous sky
Crash of thunder in the distance
Impending storm intensifies

The Hairdresser

What secrets are revealed
Whilst mirrored in that chair
All caped or gowned and waiting
For the trusted hairdresser to share

Glow Worms

Walking down a country lane
In the dead of night
The hedgerow suddenly comes to life
Exploding in a burst of light

Whitby Abbey

Ascending the 199 steps to Whitby Abbey
One has to be made of sturdy stuff
Taking respite to admire picturesque views
And to alleviate symptoms of being 'out of puff'

Beauty Of Friendship

Beauty of friendship comes deep from within
Without regard to origin or colour of skin
Aesthetic value plays no part
It's what we feel inside our heart

Count Our Blessings

Gathering around the table on Turkey Day
Hands joined together heads bowed to pray
Giving thanks for the food we share
And to our families who show they care

Flicker Of The Candle

Flicker of the candle long ago
When he first caught my eye
One look across the smoky room
The attraction so hard to defy

Idyllic Village

Leisurely stroll along tree-lined path
Down in glorious Devon
The footpath leads to Cockington
A little piece of heaven


Staring through glass deep inside her thoughts
Oblivious to snowflakes falling on the window sill
Sitting at a desk quill dipped in ink
Preparing to practice her calligraphy skill

Memories Of Friends

Thinking of friends long ago
Who have touched our hearts
Triggered by a photograph or a song
Selective memory plays a part

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