Lynne Howard

Lynne Howard Poems

1. Sanctuary 8/21/2008
2. Saturday Night Local 8/28/2008
3. Turning Of The Leaves 8/31/2008
4. Different Planets 9/3/2008
5. Empty Words 9/7/2008
6. Bury Market 10/3/2008
7. Penmanship 12/3/2008
8. Memories Of Friends 12/4/2008
9. My Little Golden Heart 2/7/2009
10. The Journey 2/12/2009
11. The Middle-Aged Man 3/3/2009
12. Circle Of Friends 3/9/2009
13. Power Of Love 8/17/2008
14. Mirrors To Our Soul 10/29/2008
15. European Christmas Market 11/9/2008
16. Romance Personified 1/19/2010
17. Food For Thought 2/2/2010
18. Struggles 10/1/2010
19. Beautiful 10/1/2010
20. Idyllic Village 5/22/2009
21. Count Our Blessings 11/17/2008
22. Flicker Of The Candle 3/31/2009
23. Beauty Of Friendship 8/18/2008
24. Whitby Abbey 9/28/2009
25. Glow Worms 10/7/2008
26. The Hairdresser 4/10/2009
27. Stormy Night 10/16/2008
Best Poem of Lynne Howard

Stormy Night

Formidable clouds begin to appear
In a somewhat ominous sky
Crash of thunder in the distance
Impending storm intensifies

Rain pelting on the windows
Lightening bolts electrify
In an otherwise darkened room
Act of nature no power supply

Not all is lost a fire is lit
And candles strewn across the room
Heat is generated in many ways
To stave off the doom and gloom

Sheepskin rug in front of blazing fire
Wine bottle and two glasses stand nearby
Logs splutter and crackle in the grate
Waiting for the sparks to fly

Two bodies ...

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Power Of Love

Love enters life in many different ways
Filling voids and brightening days
Highly charged emotion often misunderstood
Deep inside our being this power called love

Love for our children held close to the breast
Guidance through life often put to the test
Sometimes unpredictable cause for alarm
Do all in our power to protect them from harm

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