M.W. Ketchel

M.W. Ketchel Poems

1. Extremities Of Virtues Lost 11/2/2011
2. Quest 11/2/2011
3. Metropolis 11/2/2011
4. Need The Rain 11/2/2011
5. Like Cowboys In The Movies 11/2/2011
6. Cape Disappointment 11/2/2011
7. Reflections Among The Tombs 11/2/2011
8. Child's Discovery 11/2/2011
9. Reverie 11/2/2011
10. Degree Of Difficulty 11/2/2011
11. I'M Still Here 11/2/2011
12. Stage In Solitude 11/2/2011
13. Winterdance 11/2/2011
14. Barbed Wire Fences 11/2/2011
15. Old Man On A Park Bench 11/2/2011
16. The Pugilist 11/2/2011

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The Pugilist

Standing on weary legs,
the pugilist,
with fists raised
moves into the battle
once again.
The roar of the crowd
its heroes,
willing combatants.
They fight battles
others would flee from,
without regret.
Not fearing punches
thrown from anger
coiled like truck springs
suddenly released,
finding their mark,
the pugilist fights on.
He neither gives nor begs
for quarter.
And if he falls,
if he fails,
he will rise
from bloodstained canvas
as often and as ...

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Sun's bright rays gently envelope me
as soft tropical breezes roll toward shore.
My mainsail is set for the unknown sea,
and I grow restless, my soul a storm.

The ocean's waves carry o'er the days
while solitary nights beckon the soul to search for truth.
The sight of the sea at dawn make me sing out in praise,
and my mind's eye recalls scenes of innocence and youth.

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