Mac Wilkey

Rookie - 3 Points (October 9,1948 / Dayton, Tennessee)

Best Poem of Mac Wilkey

Pain Has A Face

Yes, pain has a face
It's not that obscure
It's gleeful, good-looking and bright
It shines thru the storm
Of inner-most dread
And stares at me into the night

And pain has a voice
I hear it at times
When otherwise happy I'd be
It lasso's my heart
And ties it in knots
And tells all the rest I'm just me

But pain has no hands
To grip and to hold
Or legs to keep pace with my own
So I can pretend
By distance and years
That rascal has left me alone

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Rags To Riches

“Show him our finest, ” the shop owner said
“This customer’s richer by far
“Than anyone else that you’ve seen in our store
“Don’t stare; no don’t glance at his scar.”

“But, sir, that young man in those filthy old rags
“Must stink, sir, we must turn him out.
“He looks like he walked in right off of the street
“I’m sure that he’s homeless. No doubt.”

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