Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman Poems

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Sorrow Makes One A Hero Tomorrow

Without sorrow life is zero
We must accept fate's arrow
If our efforts are thorough
Our sorrow, God will borrow

I Am A Zero Not A Hero

At age fifty no achievement
This itself is a bereavement
Why in life no advancement?
Why no reward for commitment?



My poems if you can kindly read
A happy life you can surely lead

Reaping Rewards By Hoping

Hope gives a strong long rope
And ties faith so as not to elope
And widely extends the scope
Using hope surely one can cope

Let Will-Power Flower

Enthusiasm and will-power are the items
Used to overcome tiredness and fatigue
Naturally for laying a solid victory-egg
Should never appear the latter symptoms

Will Future Torture Or Enrapture?

Future is unknown
Nothing about it is shown
And so future we do not own
So confusion has grown

Humor Is An Armor

Worry is an invisible tumor
But it can be cured by humor
With rage let not face simmer
As others’ faces must not become dimmer

O- Cross- Many Do Double-Cross

When you trust someone
You have to be careful
And also damn tactful
Or else, error is done

When Efforts Recur, Success Will Occur

Surely one day success will blossom
And spread divine fragrance in mind
By giving deep joy, it will soothe surely
Singing lullaby it will make you sleep

My Brain Computer Carries Limited Matter

Computer is to me a great mystery
I have never gained over it mastery

Error Success