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21 December 2021

Life is in phases and stage, you don't have to be in a hurry to jump over to the next level without completing the first stage.

21 December 2021

Life a school we're we learn everyday, it is only the wise that will learn from each lessons they went through and come out shining.

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The Iniquity Of The Black Dress

Oh! The green land
Is full with blood stain
The Iniquity of the black 👗
Has over shadow the sun
It is aggravating
Absurding individuals

They do things
As if life and death
Is in their hands
They are chameleon in nature
Wolf in wolf clothing

Hmm! The Iniquity of the black 👗
Is to rampart
Ravanging the whole atmosphere

When shall they change their remnants
Thinking they are in control
Blowing sentences as they wish
Catching anyone as they pleases

Base on their speces
Representing the masses
Base on mindset
Not by their heart

What a pity!
They have invited disgrace
Placing Thorn's on the Black
The dress has turned real dark

The crown of gold
Have been abuse
To zero level
The Blood shall surely speak
It shall speak louder
Thank the blood of Abel
Backup with the Blood of the lamb
They shall all be grounded

They shall all appear
Before the un- escapable court
Before the most high

The blood shall beat a drummer
Veangance on the way
To wipe the wicked and their entire linage
None shall be speared
None shall escape

Thinking they have escape calamity
Not knowing they have wore the garment of death
Distraction is on the way into their camp
Inly does who have change their ramnent
To white shall escape
Eternal torment in hell.

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