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Revolution In Evolution

Hands of clay upon the djembe drum
they dance not in vain, but to conceive
sweet melodies which sings inside the rhythm
of hope to heal the heart from the desert of hunger

Atheist At A Bus Stop

A young man look at his hand and cogitate
a woman said, why your hand?
Young men replied it is Art.

The Boys F.C

We played our heart
The passion of art
Crafted by combination
Of skills and zeal

In Our Existance

We tasted the salt of our tears
saw the light when the birds craft the nest
saw the wind sweep the leave when June
is shivering in winter.

Tears Of Soldier

Militant minds
Beauty of the dream
In honor of the command our soul
was wounded.

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BAbhekile 31 July 2018

Add a comment brilient poem

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Zeka Zeka 19 July 2013

Great poems for the heart sir!

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Ernest Makuakua 01 April 2012

The poet philosopher. The man of pation. An image that defines a role model a man of peace a man with a powerful mind. Makhosonke.... A name yet not only a name but a definition of a leader. The leged has spoken.

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Ernest Makuakua 17 March 2012

Yebo my brother. The thing is as long as poetry exist im inspired and your poems inspire me. You as a poet motivate me so the motive is the motivation of poetry and you.

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