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For everything happen for a reason. Blame no one nor yourself accept the changes and challenges within. Cry these tears no more

Today I woke up in Africa and as the sun rise in the morning I remembered in Africa I was born and Africa I still live in Africa my beginning Africa my ending inspired by INGOAPELE MADINGOANE

The soil and souls of my mothers and forefathers never knew they would die so young
They never knew probably one day they would be free

What is poetry to you?
Is it life that will give your life endless possibilities of living?
A list of reasons why you must live?
Is Poetry life?

black soul
sometimes it feels heavy
sometimes hard to go on
sometimes giving up feels like an option

Shes expensive no money can buy her shes a priceless queen

shes a lady wonderful beautiful and trustworthy to love
she respects even though you forget to do the same shes my love a priceless queen

I am the love criminal justice Detective.
Have you been single for almost more than a year?
Thats a punishable crime.

We fight till we get it right,
For the night is too dark to travel without light,
And the love is too tight to be let loose...

Hi there sweetheart
sorry im the messenger!

The angel of life sent me to give you my kind of bad information

You will not experience hunger,
you will not experience hatred,
you will not experience love, but dont worry God has already provided it.

Living is a choice
from the day we are born we make choices the first choice is to live for God has designed you already and gave you breath
living is a choice...

When God created human and all that is on heaven above and on earth
he said it is good
he never said its useless or ugly or not perfect but Good

As she moves
Wonderful lady from a wonderful place with a wonderful name should i say so with a wonderful name and a wonderful heart i saw as she moves
Heads turn from one side to another
What a beauty!

U za kuyi qhuba leyo moto because you think you own the road, rape that kid ngoba aka gqokanga.
Ey vuma ndi thethe

you in jail because you didnt listen to your parents bayakutshela uyabatshela u phendule izinto ezi phambeneyo
ubheme intsango u thengise iziyobisi uyeba uyabulala ewe ndi vumela ndi thethe

A mother with uncalculated love.
A mother with dying hope yet staying.
A mother with strength yet weak physically.
A mother with dignity even though pride had been lost through the ego of a window.

Read it goes

Dear my love
Dear my one


What else could be a gift than a gift?
i wish i could hold Gods hand and thank him for the gift.

arrived in a womb mother
delivered me in a world mother
that is your father said mother
now squeeze that milk son

You made me a person I thought I will never be
You made me love, to secure everyone's dreams but not my own
But you made me love
You made me to think more about others rather than my self

when i was alone love was okay
When I met you love was good
now we are together love is perfect

After how many sons and daughters will you determine a son?
He is born in a devastating state stating a nature of his death while its stating a state of her death
Kings and queens still cracks their minds too. Why me why are you gone too soon?
How soon is soon? How fast is gone so fast? How long is its too long that She has passed away?

Ernest Makuakua Biography

I am Ernest Makuakua, THE LEGENDARY POET. I am a son of God, from the son of another son and happened to be someone who loved something like poetry and became a poet. I am Ernest but Poets prefer to call me THE LEGENDARY POET in short THE LEGEND. This Blessing i take to head for it just lifts me up anytime anywhere anyway that is it. I like to be different from other people normal people call it unusual or just not ordinary i call it Unique. I'm the legend and the legend is best I'm the one and only- no other.)

The Best Poem Of Ernest Makuakua

I Shall Cry These Tears No More

For everything happen for a reason. Blame no one nor yourself accept the changes and challenges within. Cry these tears no more

for if somethings get tough in life its not your fault cry no more. For a mother lost at a young age its painfull but i shall dropp these tears no more

children dying at the young age loosing parents and become house hold heads please hold on because God is here always cry these tears no more

my mom died when i was an infant what did i know? But with God i still have a father i shall cry these tears no more

our youth is dying. Can we do anything please dry that face i shall cry no more

i shall wet these face no more with tears if i can speak today and walk read and write if i still feel all things that means im alive and thank God

remember nothing is hard or impossible make it a point to achieve and therefore i shall cry these tears no more

Ernest Makuakua Comments

''Poetry is a disease You listen to it You become addicted'' Ernest G Makuakua.................................................. i definitely agree :) :) :)

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Ernest Makuakua Quotes

If you were born smart you wouldn't need education, stop acting like you know it all... for even the intelligent keep seeking knowledge but will never be good enough because no one meant to perfect if we were then we wouldn't find challenges that puzzles us differently.

It doesn't mean if you were born without it you will never get it, It doesn't mean when you were born with it you wont loose it. It doesn't mean if you are not experiencing it you will never experience it.

only a smile can put a heart at ease and if so then greet with a smile to make sure you heal and not destroy, For in you lies the power to build and destroy and you have one individual to blame and satisfy yourself.

You stop dreaming you stop living for there's no vision in you, So dream on and you'll move on Live on

Poetry is a disease You listen to it You become addicted

Everyone has a dream to get rich not to be avarage that is why we end up where we dont want to be simply because we chase other peoples dreams and forget our capabilities and what makes us happy instead. we can never have everything unless we give everything you have your purpose in life Fulfil it! .

Eyes please see for me and see good and teach my ears to hear well so my mouth can send what is right outside to help my nose to smell what is good and bad. see for me i will hear for you so you'll smell for me and ill talk for you what i think about.

The most preciouse gift is life and the most horrific one thing is one who squeeze it out of you. Or when it leaves the flesh for you are inside Lets respect life. One takes it by words one by weapon am i right am i wrong its reality yet only one judge avails

We are leaders through people so there is no follower without a leader treat people with love and respect and lead by axample a lot will follow your steps

We live in a world where we only Exist enough just to exit

We don't meet by chance we meet by fate be you and make use of the opportunity and remember to be true to who you are never forget your values

Every story of peace breath a portion of violence history

Be careful in hiding with corners Every corner have an edge and some sharp to harm you Be on the open

if you do not accept yourself the way you are how do you expect others to. you wont be what people want for its not in their destiny to evolve for you. either adapt or depart. Be original for you were made to be

The reason a person tells you His or Her pain is because they trust that you can keep it to yourself not spread to the world and cause more pain. Only dogs are happy eating from the dirt of other people. You are Human stop it with the dogish behavior.

Great blessings come dressed up in thorns so do not be afraid of this pain as much as it pains you can pass this bush with such thorns trust Gods hand

A Bird hit by stone that is was pulled back An arrow is pulled backwards to strike the object Never fear as you are dragged back or pulled back a bull also reverses in order to gain strength to move forward when it sees an obstacle. you will gain your strength

Life Knocks you down at all times and wont give you a chance to stand But you need to Decide if You Live or Leave.

Gone are those days of impossible Now the dawn of this Day Comes with possibilities Never judge the future with the past

Do not keep one down For when they stand you will definitely fall, Help one to stand and you'll be strong together

in life decide if you lead or be lead.

in life decide if you lead or be lead.

When you stand in life Decision you make as a person is if you lead or be lead

Stop adjusting and accelerate. you will not get there if you keep adjusting to other peoples pace rather pull them up and if they pull back get up.

Live like a legend, Spread your net like fisherman, Fly high like The Eagle you were made to be, Let someone want to be like you But not be you.

There! you said take me there, now I'm going there, getting there, seeing there, habiting there, building there, striving there, leading there, So be there so you may show others There and Get There

To finish you need to start and to start you need to finish.

The end of sorrow begins on the knees with a face towards the cross in words.

You have made it this far, procrastination is no option, going back is no option so Keep going You can still Make it through

Life with no goal is irrelevant and fruitless One thing can last a built legacy not borrowed. Be Original

Ernest Makuakua Popularity

Ernest Makuakua Popularity

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