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I am Ernest Makuakua, THE LEGENDARY POET. I am a son of God, from the son of another son and happened to be someone who loved something like poetry and became a poet. I am Ernest but Poets prefer to call me THE LEGENDARY POET in short THE LEGEND.

This Blessing i take to head for it just lifts me up anytime anywhere anyway that is it. I like to be different from other people normal people call it unusual or just not ordinary i call it Unique.

I'm the legend and the legend is best I'm the one and only- no other.

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09 November 2015

If you were born smart you wouldn't need education, stop acting like you know it all... for even the intelligent keep seeking knowledge but will never be good enough because no one meant to perfect if we were then we wouldn't find challenges that puzzles us differently.

09 November 2015

It doesn't mean if you were born without it you will never get it, It doesn't mean when you were born with it you wont loose it. It doesn't mean if you are not experiencing it you will never experience it.

09 November 2015

only a smile can put a heart at ease and if so then greet with a smile to make sure you heal and not destroy, For in you lies the power to build and destroy and you have one individual to blame and satisfy yourself.

13 November 2015

You stop dreaming you stop living for there's no vision in you, So dream on and you'll move on Live on

13 November 2015

Poetry is a disease You listen to it You become addicted

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''Poetry is a disease You listen to it You become addicted'' Ernest G Makuakua.................................................. i definitely agree :) :) :)

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The Best Poem Of Ernest Makuakua

I Shall Cry These Tears No More

For everything happen for a reason. Blame no one nor yourself accept the changes and challenges within. Cry these tears no more

for if somethings get tough in life its not your fault cry no more. For a mother lost at a young age its painfull but i shall dropp these tears no more

children dying at the young age loosing parents and become house hold heads please hold on because God is here always cry these tears no more

my mom died when i was an infant what did i know? But with God i still have a father i shall cry these tears no more

our youth is dying. Can we do anything please dry that face i shall cry no more

i shall wet these face no more with tears if i can speak today and walk read and write if i still feel all things that means im alive and thank God

remember nothing is hard or impossible make it a point to achieve and therefore i shall cry these tears no more

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Ernest Makuakua Popularity

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