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A Brief Moment

On the soft grass we sat
Enjoying our time together.
The walk we took to get there
Wore you out and made you tired.
You wanted to rest herein this quiet meadow
And enjoy the beautiful weather.
Then silently you lid your head on my lap
As we started to relax.
Silently, as I picked up the violet flower beside me
You grasped my other hand.
As I placed the flower in your beautiful black hair
You sat up and placed your lips on mine.
For that brief moment, I wished time would have stopped.
For I didn’t want that moment to end.
But as we both know
Time stops for no one
And nothing last forever.
But I wish time would have stopped
And I wish that moment would have lasted forever.
But even though that moment didn’t last
And time didn’t stop
How I feel about you didn’t change
Nor will it ever change.
Because I will always love you
Even after the end of time.

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Malcolm Stewart Popularity

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