Malcolm Stewart Poems

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A Brief Moment

On the soft grass we sat
Enjoying our time together.
The walk we took to get there
Wore you out and made you tired.

Ready For Love

Take my hand and lead the way;
tell me all you want to say.
Whisper softly in my ear,
all those things I want to hear.

Unknown, Untouched, Unseen

Your sparkling blue eyes, almost like the sky above,
the sky lacking the affection
shown by these amazing features.
Your voice is sensational, ringing constantly I my ears,

New Love, Old Love

I feel the coarse, grainy sand beneath your wet feet
The sounds of the gentle ocean tides soothes my conflicted soul
Two sets of footprints split in front of me
One towards the ocean

What I Want

A tugging at my heart
A burning flame in my soul
A feeling of incompleteness fills my entire being
All I need

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