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She teaches English language for a living, writes for the web and the print media as a freelancer. At other times she expresses herself through her poems. She is an avid reader and a social worker. She is walking her life with 80% handicap.

Mandira Chattopadhyay Poems

Pain Eternal

The mother clutched at her emaciated form,
The baby lay limply in her arm.
Can she blame the world, or, only herself?
Who can bring her baby back to her healthy self?

A Song Or A Sob

In spite of all privations
I used to sing in private
Because life had given
Me joy to live and love

The Power Of Name

As life kept churning into a vortex
My consciousness sucked down under
My soul, shackled in chain, did protest
Freedom, oh, lift me from this gutter.


This is a true story of a physically challenged woman. Do all the relationships of love end like this?

You who chose to hold me enamored,
You, who promised so much,

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