Mandy MMR Poems

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A Friend

A friend, a friend
I have never known
A friend, a friend
That has shown

What Brings Us Together

Death is a horrible fate,
But in death everyone can relate.

I Have Love Inside My Heart

I have love iside my heart
Even when I am pushing a grocery cart
I am going down the aisles
With a couple of piles

Ghosts Of The Past

Ghosts of the past
Haunt my every moment
Leaving this cast
I scream in my torment

Saved From The Pits Of Hell

Saved from the pits of hell
Saved from its firy dwell
All is right and well
Of His grace I'll tell

Not Meant To Be

You know, I know
That we were not meant to be
But the heartache is still clutching onto me


When you're crushed by a crush, your heart turns to mush. When you
thought you were going to gain, instead you got pain. He was so sweet

You Are My King

You are my King
My absolute everything
You know what to do and what to say
You have healed me in every way

I Loved You

I loved you
And you hurt me
I loved you
And you attacked my heart

Mimi, We Love You

Mimi, we love you
We cherish every moment we had with you
You would brighten our day, in every single way
Mimi, we love you