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I Am Afraid

I’m afraid of women pulling a knife at me, and society telling me I must have deserved it.

I’m afraid of getting more jail time for the same crime comparing to women.

Redefine Love!

So much to love
so much to care
so much to caress.
Angels fly

Nothing Ever Matters

20 years of blind following,

in the name of trust, love and serenity.

Empty Words

Sand and sand dunes of sadness.

What worth do they have?

Nostradamus - I

Only one hand of an angel intact if
of his love for himself,
could give me the concavity of his palm,
because I pour out my complaint.

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23 June 2015

Only words can pierce your soul.

25 November 2015

There is no God, there is no Satan. Take responsibility for your own actions.

21 December 2015

I think the Mayans were very smart. They knew we would somehow kill ourselves by 2012. And i think they were right to a large extent. Morally, we are all dead.

22 December 2015

Silence is the most lethal weapon we all have. Normally it would reveal the other persons intentions but in extreme situations it reveals the character of everyone.

27 December 2015

My tears and my heart seem to be drunk.

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He is this Insane Visionary who looks at world differently, he can keep looking for hours. Who doesn’t like writing, sucks at grammer but wants to be called a Poet.

A dear friend started calling him writerbabu in his initial writing days not because he wrote great stuff but because whatever he wrote had unbelievable number of ‘gremmar’ mistakes ...

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