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Botswana, my beloved country
A precious gift from GOD
Botswana, the land of our forefathers
A beautiful country, yet not so well-known

Believe me you or not…
Every where she goes, she makes heads turn
Every place she enters, it ought to make people stare
And, they just cannot help it but to ask themselves

She is the Love of my Life
The Apple of my Eye
The Flesh of my body
The Beat of my Heart

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A single Motswana lady, and a mother of one daughter. A Food & Nutrition teacher by profession. Currently persuing my Masters in Food Scince, in Malaysia at Universti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Ambition: To be a phd holder, to publish a cookery book (Recipe Book for traditional dishes) and a poetry book Hobbies: cooking, composing and writing poetry and drama (plays) , travelling, fashion designing, interior decoration Religion: Christian (Protestant - Lutheran Church) People I would like to meet: Nelson Mandela, Halley Berry, Will Smith People I admire; My mum (Gladys) and my daughter (Oratile) People Close to my heart: My daughter and my family)

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Botswana, My Beloved Country

Botswana, my beloved country
A precious gift from GOD
Botswana, the land of our forefathers
A beautiful country, yet not so well-known
The land of sparkling diamonds
A country with a loving, caring and passionate nation
Where peace and harmony reign
Botswana, my beloved country

A country so blessed, a country so special
For everything about it is “TSWANA”
Talk of the country – “BOTSWANA”
Talk of the nation – “BATSWANA”
Talk of the language – ‘SETSWANA”
That’s just how unique it is
Botswana, my beloved country

Born of a strong and courageous man - Sir Seretse Khama
Who, with boldness fathered the nation of Botswana
Behind him was a great British woman– Lady Ruth Khama
As the saying goes - “behind every successful man, there’s a woman”
With love, patience and perseverance
Botswana is what you see
Botswana, my beloved counrty

A country so unique in every special way
With a culture so rich and distinct
With a nation of its own kind
A nation so liberated and genuine
Loving, friendly, passionate and affectinate
That leaves many other nations with no option but to admire
Botswan, my beloved country

The land of freedom and liberation
The land where true Democracy is obvious
A country with a sense of belonging
A nation with a heart of Gold
So warm and so welcoming
A country loved by many beyond its boundaries
Botswana, my beloved country

I love you Botswana....
I love you my beautiful country
Let peace and prosperity be unto you
God bless our land - Botswana
God bless our nation - Batswana
God bless the Government of Botswana
Long Live Botswana, Long Live.

PULA! ! ! PULA! ! ! PULA! ! !

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Kenedy Greyson 11 March 2008

This poem is real and it reflects the truth about Botswana woman, according to Zandi they are 'Motswana woman'. They are kind of themselves... find your way to Botswana and you will see...

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