A Motswana Woman Poem by Mantho Joyce Zandi Koveya

A Motswana Woman

Believe me you or not…
Every where she goes, she makes heads turn
Every place she enters, it ought to make people stare
And, they just cannot help it but to ask themselves
Where this woman comes from

A beautiful and peaceful country in Southern Africa
That’s where she hails from
A country with a passionate, caring and friendly nation
Proudly from Botswana, that's where she comes from

This woman is so different
From any other woman, be it British, American,
Asian and let alone African
The shape of her face, her nose, and her thick dark lips
Which become so pronounced when she keeps her coolness

Her genuine smile, it’s so contagious
For when she smiles, you ought to smile too
The fullness of her bosom, with a well-defined cleavage
The curve of her broad Setswana hips
Which when she walks swing from side to side
“Mahepa-poo” as Batswana affectionately refer to them

Her waist so trim like that one of a wasp
With a butt so round and plump
Her stride, as it is portrayed by her well-shaped legs
Men themselves can never cease to admire
This unique creation of God
And they can’t help it but to passionately say
“Ngwana o tshwere di-body”

A Motswana woman, indeed a cut above the rest
The kinkiness of her peach black thick afro,
And the glossiness of her dark chocolate skin
Her unique accent as she speaks
Reveals her typical 'Setswana' accent
Her possession of all these unique features
Leaves many to admire
Truly, an “African Queen” in the making

Now you will understand why this woman
Always portrays herself with confidence but not Ego
And, why she doesn’t walk with her head bowed down,
She walks tall and she walks proud
And when you see her passing by
It ought to make you know that, this woman.
Is not just any other woman, but a Motswana woman
For a Motswana woman, that is her! ! !


Ashraful Musaddeq 14 September 2008

Really a nice poem on MOTSWANA WOMAN. Like it.

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Wanelisa Albert 02 September 2008

beautiful celebration of setswana women i love it

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Celise Mclean 02 September 2008

Would have been better if you kept this poem shorter, it's the kindda read that u would read on a long boring day on the tube, or bus, nevertheless instresting, pity it's so long though! Have a nice day.

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Lee Sharon 11 June 2008

long and nice, not many poems have kinds like yours

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Mantho Joyce Zandi Koveya

Mantho Joyce Zandi Koveya

Johannesburg. South Africa
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