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Is the devil to blame?
Is the angel to blame?
no one receives fame


Mom you are a star,
a star only for me,
a star which cares for me,
a star that I love the most.

Here they comes! here they comes.
every cow mooed...
The ducks and hens
leaving their drakes and cocks

He is the one who, catches your sight.
he is the one who, fights for his right.
he is the one among the million to hold the hope of a zillion!
He is the one who has the spirit

A woman
out of all who I'd pick,
is my mother!

I was in Alfresco
walking in an algorithm,
like an alien being alienated
with alliance with my ally

Let's foray, let's foray
Let's foresee the success of our nation.
To becoming foremost
The foreman is on the roll

The store room was a show room
Of.... Garage garbage
With flattened tyres and
Mud from the mire...

A university
It's a dictionary...
Your vocabulary is fraternity
Visualisation is imagination like

The world is full of cold hearts
Being bold is not a suggestion told.
The road is in a mood, with a crude little boat.
The float in the boat is of no use at all,


Truth devours, those hearts not devoted
To their masters of supreme material....
Truth is didactic to those who desire,
Acting like a dextrose......

Once I was a little Girl,
I was a Happy girl!
Once I was a teen,
not a happy teenager!


Unity, Unity, Unity
when we are united, we are powerful
if we aren't united we are weak
when we have unity around,

when I was born,
there was a soul beside me,
it was my mother.....

Swirling and twirling it came down
A green speck on the ground
All alone on the ground
The first leaf to fall in town

Stif stigma's stifle was stiffened
stimulating a sting to the stingy
stirring the stimulated..
with stipulation to stipend

There is always a line drawn in my mind!
But, I stand before it to find the right kind,
of thoughts to redefine the statements in my mind,
I hope not for my mind to loop,

Swish! ...swish!
how swiftly the wind blew..
but oh!
my hat flew!

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I am student, studying 9th Std in Innisfree House School, JP Nagar, Bangalore.)

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Is the devil to blame?
Is the angel to blame?
no one receives fame
when anger burns like a flame
and when guilt
takes over the same.
The heart and soul are filled with shame.
The shell shall feed from the bowl, but,
the soul shall feed from the heart
when the bowl is empty
the shell shall fail
when the heart is empty
the soul shall fail
The one to blame oneself is because,
the heart is filled with guilt, Thus,
the soul shall fail to the guilt.
guilt overwhelms those it possess and bends those it comes near
but, when the soul with courage shall stand
the guilt shall fear to come near.

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Congratulations, Dear Poet Manthri Hariharan. You have been selected Poet Of Athena Day today, by PoemHunter. Great achievement. May this recognition incite more passion in you towards poetry and inspire you to write more

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Madu S 15 October 2014

The poem Tribute is very good!

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Madu S 15 October 2014

Excellent thoughts, really good keep writing!

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