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I am fortunate to have been born into a family with keen literary interest. My father taught Malayalam (the language that people of Kerala speak) literature in the High Schools. My mother, though a home-maker, has excellent knowledge in literary works in Malayalam, English and Hindi. Both of them took keen interest in our education.

There wa ...


The Swan And Me

Its touch so sensuous
Its eyes drawing me into itself
Its body snuggling in mine
Rousing a passion yet unknown

And Silence Is What I Choose

He was as old as my grandfather and I, just twelve.
Marriage meant nothing to me, not even a new cheeram.
He lived in penance and I, just a little child, tended the aashram,
Never cared for, not even acknowledged of my existence.

A Grain Of Rice

A grain of rice
In the cooking pot
Cries, "I wish

A Cloud In The Silver Lining

When you see a silver lining in the sky
just look for the dark cloud
that it encircles, ready to break
into a thunderous shower.

A Winter In Delhi

The goddess of the longest nights
Of the netherworld Hades
My days she invades!


27 October 2018

The choicest ornaments to a man's house are his friends.

28 October 2018

'The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a hell of Heaven, a heaven of Hell.'

11 November 2018

You can't expect that after a poor fellow has written a book he should also understand it.

28 December 2018

Whatever God has given every human being, like knowledge, power, wealth etc, is for sharing with the deprived.

28 December 2018

Selfishness is doing what we like, without considering how it would affect the feelings of others, especially those who love you.


Bharati Nayak 03 January 2020

Poet Unnikrishnan is a prolific writer from India, who has great depth on Indian philosophy and his poems carry fragrances of India's culture.The series of poems drawn on the characters from the epic Mahabharat can be cited as examples of his depth of knowledge on Indian scripures.Moreover he has given his poetic touch to them and given some new interpretations.

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Susan Williams 26 August 2017

I am entirely enamored with this gentle poet from India’s epic poetry. I highly recommend the Sunahsepha epic series. For example, look at just these 2 lines from Sunahsepha Part 5: . Their teeth and talons bared A hound of soldiers stood guard. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -With these words he paints an indelible scene for the readers’ eyes and hearts. I feel the boy’s pounding heart and what a magnificent description of the soldiers- -it makes me shiver. Excellent writing, Excellent. . Then there is the more tender side of this fantastic Storyteller, witness this line from Sunahsepha Part 6: . Fingers of rain long and slender - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - now that is a very visual phrase! ! ! ! Readers are quickly engaged by the epic events of this particular series whose plot is enhanced by beautiful phrases like this. . Oh, but beware readers! ! These epic tales get addictive! ! ! He’ll have you eagerly waiting the next installment! He writes these with a very stately heroic tone- perfect for a storyteller relating the epic adventures and brave deeds of the past heroes and how their actions affected the future of mankind. There are so many rich threads woven through his poems- they take the reader on a journey through his country's heritage as well as through its philosophy and psychology and artistry. I particularly enjoyed the tapestry of human relationships in these poems and quite frankly I cheered when the bad guys got smoked... they so deserved it, after all. I have been on a colorful journey with this set of poems and I hated to see it conclude. . And beware Storyteller. There is a problem with writing these sagas? Your readers instantly want MORE PLEASE! ! ! ! . UNNIKRISHNAN is not a one-trick poem. Not by a long shot. His other non-epic poems concern such topics as love, anger, youth, age, revenge, and wisdom's role in life. . We also would miss a lot of good reads if it were not for this kind gentleman’s generosity in translating poems into English for us. We Thank You! That makes you a great friend to the writers and to all the readers on PH.

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Jeanette Telusma 17 July 2017

Sir Unnikrishnan is an extra ordinary man, one filled with wisdom, kindness, directness, integrity and valor. He is very well versed and passionate about his culture and history and the history of mankind. I enjoy his poems and epic writings. He is a person of great excellence and I pray God's abundance of blessings, favor, peace and joy to him always. Continue to share your mind to us, dear sir.

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Crystal Pierce 12 May 2017

Very critical. Love hearing the criticism and feed back. Love the poems and work from you also.

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Aarzoo Mehek 07 August 2016

A versatile poet who can capture readers attention with his vast knowledge of mythology and has the zest to write it boldly the realities of life. It's a pleasure to read his poems and to be associated with a poet par excellence. My compliments and wishes from the bottom of my heart. Keep sharing your beautiful thoughts.

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john (called jack) wren 06 September 2021

Hi Unnikrishan, Many thanks for following me I feel honoured sir, regards Jack

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Octavian Cocos 19 June 2021

Thank you for your kind words!

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amber 12 February 2020

he's pretty cool for a school project tbh

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dsfsvsvds 27 January 2020

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Bharati Nayak 03 January 2020

Part-2 He too has authority on English literature and it can be found in many of his poems.He has done very wonderful translations of Hindi poems of Kavita Singh, which I wonder whether any one can make a better translation.His poems address many social issues and express a humane and kind feelings for the downtrodden. I wish him a Happy New Year 2020 and more power to his creativity.

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