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Its touch so sensuous
Its eyes drawing me into itself
Its body snuggling in mine
Rousing a passion yet unknown

A grain of rice
In the cooking pot
Cries, "I wish

He was as old as my grandfather and I, just twelve.
Marriage meant nothing to me, not even a new cheeram.
He lived in penance and I, just a little child, tended the aashram,
Never cared for, not even acknowledged of my existence.

(This is a small poem written years back for my daughter, when she was still a kid.)

'Why Sunday? '
My daughter asked.

'Vinaa dainyena Jeevitam
Anaayasena maranam'
what the ascetics of the yore
In India dreamt of, always.

When you see a silver lining in the sky
just look for the dark cloud
that it encircles, ready to break
into a thunderous shower.

Emmet Till
A little boy of fourteen
A little black boy of fourteen!
Now on his mutilated head

On Twitter
Was an old picture
Of a few mothers
Grieving over two coffins.

The goddess of the longest nights
Of the netherworld Hades
My days she invades!


When I look back from here
I realise, I have erred.


In November
They just turn into grief

"Whore! " he kicked her
As she lay on the kitchen floor
And he knew well that
She only whored him.

Love inflicts
such wounds on the hearts,
as lightning on the clouds,
that the pain is so soothing.

They (the fish) are not as intelligent as we who kill them; although they are more noble and more able.- Earnest Hemingway in 'Old Man and the Sea'.

When you picked me up from the dirt


Love embraces



Twitter of sparrows

Exquisite poetry rendered
In music gripping the heart
And dance eloquent
Merge par excellence.

I have donated
My eyes
While still alive,
To my dreams

We lie
In each other's eyes,
As sleep eludes them.

UNNIKRISHNAN Sivasankara Menon Biography

I am fortunate to have been born into a family with keen literary interest. My father taught Malayalam (the language that people of Kerala speak) literature in the High Schools. My mother, though a home-maker, has excellent knowledge in literary works in Malayalam, English and Hindi. Both of them took keen interest in our education. There was a good collection of books at home, which served as our introduction to serious literature. Poetry, fiction, biographies everything was available to sate our hunger. Moreover, at home we subscribed Mathrubhoomi (Mother Land) , a weekly in Malayalam, that used to dwell on serious literature. This shaped our interests and promoted our talent. I still read whatever I can lay my hands upon.Very keen on poetry. Malayalam, English, Hindi, translated. Fiction too. A true fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Umberto Eco. I write both in Malayalam and English. Especially, poetry.Some fiction, book reviews, sometimes about banking, literature. A book of my poems in Malayalam has been published recently by " Green Books" , by name " OZHINJA KOOTUKAL" (Nests vacated) . The book is available in Amazon, the online book store. I am a banker by profession. Married. We are blessed with one daughter.)

The Best Poem Of UNNIKRISHNAN Sivasankara Menon

The Swan And Me

Its touch so sensuous
Its eyes drawing me into itself
Its body snuggling in mine
Rousing a passion yet unknown

Slowly it dawned on me
He is no ordinary swan
He is no swan at all
Then what, nay, who is he?

His golden feathers
Gleaming eyes
And voice profound-
Did tell a story different…

His lips reaching up to my ears
Whispered, 'Leda, I'm Zeus!
May I take my own shape
So you'd believe…'

'No' I cried. How can I
The queen of Sparta
Be seen nude with a man
Be it Zeus himself!

And I wanted to fly
On his golden wings
Over Mount Olympus
I was already his…


The touch of his body
His lips on mine
Webbed feet on my navel
Mounting passion

I remember nothing
I lay in the poolside bath
Tired as a dead log
Unable to move a limb

But his mere thought
Roused me again
Kindled my passion
Longing for him yet again


My husband Tyndareus
The king of Sparta
Who'd not touched me
For the one month past

I went to his harem-
With many a concubine
Where he slept
All spent and tired

All those girls I threw out
For, through the night
I wanted to be alone
With him, till day broke

Never did I allow him sleep
Throughout the night
For my passion rose
Whenever I thought of Zeus

My hunger I wanted to sate
But I wanted to give him
A night to remember
So he'd never suspect

Whenever I longed
Zeus did come to me
Always as the swan
In the form I wanted him.


With swan I have slept
Not a human any longer?
For, two eggs I laid
And waited to hatch

The first one hatched
Out came twins both male
Reminded me of Zeus
I was sure, they were his

My heart longed for him
My body for his touch
Out came Zeus
To see his babies

The other egg hatched
I had another pair of twins
Were they borne to Zeus
Or me husband, the king?


But my desire was else
And he knew it well
His passionate hug
With his feathered arms

His lips searching mine
My body aching for his
I was his yet again
Never sated, never again.

UNNIKRISHNAN Sivasankara Menon Comments

Bharati Nayak 03 January 2020

Poet Unnikrishnan is a prolific writer from India, who has great depth on Indian philosophy and his poems carry fragrances of India's culture.The series of poems drawn on the characters from the epic Mahabharat can be cited as examples of his depth of knowledge on Indian scripures.Moreover he has given his poetic touch to them and given some new interpretations.

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Susan Williams 26 August 2017

I am entirely enamored with this gentle poet from India’s epic poetry. I highly recommend the Sunahsepha epic series. For example, look at just these 2 lines from Sunahsepha Part 5: . Their teeth and talons bared A hound of soldiers stood guard. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -With these words he paints an indelible scene for the readers’ eyes and hearts. I feel the boy’s pounding heart and what a magnificent description of the soldiers- -it makes me shiver. Excellent writing, Excellent. . Then there is the more tender side of this fantastic Storyteller, witness this line from Sunahsepha Part 6: . Fingers of rain long and slender - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - now that is a very visual phrase! ! ! ! Readers are quickly engaged by the epic events of this particular series whose plot is enhanced by beautiful phrases like this. . Oh, but beware readers! ! These epic tales get addictive! ! ! He’ll have you eagerly waiting the next installment! He writes these with a very stately heroic tone- perfect for a storyteller relating the epic adventures and brave deeds of the past heroes and how their actions affected the future of mankind. There are so many rich threads woven through his poems- they take the reader on a journey through his country's heritage as well as through its philosophy and psychology and artistry. I particularly enjoyed the tapestry of human relationships in these poems and quite frankly I cheered when the bad guys got smoked... they so deserved it, after all. I have been on a colorful journey with this set of poems and I hated to see it conclude. . And beware Storyteller. There is a problem with writing these sagas? Your readers instantly want MORE PLEASE! ! ! ! . UNNIKRISHNAN is not a one-trick poem. Not by a long shot. His other non-epic poems concern such topics as love, anger, youth, age, revenge, and wisdom's role in life. . We also would miss a lot of good reads if it were not for this kind gentleman’s generosity in translating poems into English for us. We Thank You! That makes you a great friend to the writers and to all the readers on PH.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 30 September 2019

His poems are varied, perceptive and of great depth. All of his poems that I have read are beautifully crafted and well executed. His comments on poems are very inspiring and insightful . Poem Hunter and all Poets that have been touched by his pen are really blessed by his presence.

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Jeanette Telusma 17 July 2017

Sir Unnikrishnan is an extra ordinary man, one filled with wisdom, kindness, directness, integrity and valor. He is very well versed and passionate about his culture and history and the history of mankind. I enjoy his poems and epic writings. He is a person of great excellence and I pray God's abundance of blessings, favor, peace and joy to him always. Continue to share your mind to us, dear sir.

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Dear Unni, Here is wishing you the very best in life and lots more of wonderful poems that shall charm the world of poetry.

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Rebecca Navarre 22 May 2022

He is a poet of Great talent and one of my favorites! .. Just read and you will see why! ..

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Rebecca Navarre 22 May 2022

He writes of sorrows that will make your heart cry! .. He writes of love with such a deep beauty and pureness inside! ..

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Rebecca Navarre 22 May 2022

He write of religion in a way that opens others eyes and brings compassion! ..

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Rebecca Navarre 22 May 2022

He writes of nature with such passion, depth and beauty that the imagery will always stay in mind! ..

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Rebecca Navarre 22 May 2022

Unnikrishnan Is a poet of deep heart, that holds such a compassion and beauty rare! .. His poetry is of real life. The consequences and the many gifts....

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UNNIKRISHNAN Sivasankara Menon Quotes

The choicest ornaments to a man's house are his friends.

'The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a hell of Heaven, a heaven of Hell.'

You can't expect that after a poor fellow has written a book he should also understand it.

Whatever God has given every human being, like knowledge, power, wealth etc, is for sharing with the deprived.

Selfishness is doing what we like, without considering how it would affect the feelings of others, especially those who love you.

Styx drained Enough to drown The Universe And the infernal fire under it.

This journey I have started on my own A journey with no company.

Whatever I have is his; nothing Mine. His was everything.

When you see a silver lining in the sky just look for the dark cloud that it encircles

Would my pen bring the spring on this paper!

No one is innocent until proved guilty.

In the fag end of one's life Time surely renders one Ugly, abjectly miserable.

Winter, As she waxes in Light wanes, days wane.

I am an unfinished story that He has omitted to complete.

How do I, friend, put the angst of separation in words

Many may come who may hold your hands But not one like me who'd share your pains

Poetry Cures you of all ill, what cold!

Son of God will be born Then shall deliverance bless us

Life is just a drop of tears That still burns And tastes blood

Life does not acknowledge your existence, until you prove it.

Darkness is the only truth

Truth unpalatable to the uncouth

Dreams, amorphous water

Soul is the sole identity of the body

Autumn, the Evil Spell of the Hades

Flower is the offspring Of Goddess of Spring.

Love's so intoxicating like wine That once you taste it The joy never comes down.

Who says, distance smothers memories?

silence kills my words.

My poems are the pages of my life Some are frayed, some folded;

Life freezes in tents Outside grey skies weep.

Life is a river You cannot enter twice. Love is another.

It is when your silence starts to speak That your love feels deprived

We may not be able sate hunger of everyone But may we feed at least one hungry soul.

Black skin is NOT a sin.

Tiananmen Marx turned in his grave with eyes moist And his heart bleeding red

The sin of killing a fowl Is washed away, as we eat its flesh.

They were the poison fangs And the hood, the hiss And the venom That dyed me black

Dwelling on vengeance causes A wound that never heals.

Never get Carried away by anger, Anger brings disaster.

Everything comes to an end, Some day.

Eschew greed, lust and violence

It is November The Fall has just fallen by the wayside.

Our eyes betray our sorrow, distrust, diffidence and extreme contempt for ourselves.

The Authorities fear the tearful voice of a few Thousand young quivering lips

The sin of killing the bird Is washed away, as we eat its flesh.'

I wish I could drink from Lethe and forget everything, even my forgetfulness.

Like Prometheus's liver, Moon wanes in a fortnight and waxes to her fullest in the next!

Music is the language which everyone understands, not just human beings, but plants and animals too.

You earn only what you give unto others!

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UNNIKRISHNAN Sivasankara Menon Popularity

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