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So much questions, so much things,
perturb my heart, disturb my mind.
Every day I see so many people,
they calling for peace, calling for love.

...still not end of all days!

No, there is still not end of all days!
still the light occasionally visits us,

Like a small lonely boat
sails on the Pacific.
no waves, no wind,
on all the sky-line.

I don't need much, to be happy,
some simple, little- little things,
for me entirely enough is
to see things which come out from heart,

5. the time
slowly passed
something in my heart
forever disappeared...

Your and my life consist
of a much long checklist,
Of concernes, events and acts
which surprises us, and attracts.

I´m a candle
My inspiration you are,
I only do it
what you awoken in me....

Give me the Sunny day,
give me the wind and rain,
give me your merry smile,
give me worries and cry you feel,

Don´t count the candles
on your cake,
don´t count the years
that passed out!


Yesterday evening I walked alone,
above me only the Moon and Stars
looked at me understanding,
they helped me say aloud,

Calm happiness

Oh....not 'atrocious'
are our days!

If I will die
nothing will change,
only my soul
will leave


I want

To be your weeping willow,

Seeking the Truth

Have you ever felt
yourself somehow

Don't cry my heart don't cry...
there is nothing to cry for...
never -nothing of you believed,
was really true, sincere...

The life is a present,
don't cast him away.
Only of you'll depend,
how you live through

The little stream which flows out from heart
the warm little drops they dropp from eyes,
all we want, we wish already was given to us,
all what straitens and tantalizes our hearts

When the last day of the Year
draws near and reaches the hand,
to what the most you reminiscent?
On the last, the foregone days

In our mind all the times
steady fixed picture
we hold:
'The Time passes...

What connects us
with surroundings
are words,
what chills and warms

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Mine soul is like a cradle, of an unforeseen blasts. Who knows me inside, where hidden is the power, which would be able my soul once calm, presently restless, with the only one word to hush?)

The Best Poem Of Maria Shipka

' The King Is Naked! ! ! '

So much questions, so much things,
perturb my heart, disturb my mind.
Every day I see so many people,
they calling for peace, calling for love.

Just now I try to uncover facts about
the presence, nearer and far history.
Uncovering events happened in my lifetime,
shocked I ask to myself: how is it possible?

What are those societies, governments,
institutions, politicians, people for?
Can we understand, can we believe,
can we accept that all around us.

So much deceptions, so much plots,
blatant examples of distortion reality.
So much greed to own all the world,
so much inhumanity, merciless arrogance.

They are those who want to rule over the world,
they looking for and see only their interests,
no nation, no person, cannot be safe,
nobody is for them important.

Astounded, shocked of what I uncovered,
what secretly hidden for long time to my eyes was,
under the damned lies, statements about 'peace, humanity,
human rights, democracy, human lives protection...'.

In the real the truth is completely different.
I suppose the most of people clearly see and know
about 'what is going on this World? ,
so as exactly see ' who caused this all? '.

There is one question I´d like to know answer
which not allow me peacefully live.
Are we able smartly stopping this all?
' The King is naked! ! ! ' let us tell abroad to all.

(c) shipka

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Maria Shipka Popularity

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