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1. Night 6/30/2010
2. Unsung Melodies 6/30/2010
3. The Appearance Of Stability Is Misleading 6/30/2010
4. Parts Of Me 6/30/2010
5. Never Shattered 6/30/2010
6. Foolish Things 6/30/2010
7. Silence And Strife 7/1/2010
8. Mystic (First Attempts At Haiku) 7/1/2010
9. Always The Same (More Haiku Experimenting) 7/1/2010
10. Soundlessly 8/8/2010
11. We Don'T Hear It Anymore (Even More Haiku Exercises) 8/8/2010
12. Falls Of Melody 8/8/2010
13. A Flower 10/22/2010
14. As I Feared 5/5/2010
15. In? The Reflection 5/5/2010
16. Always There 6/27/2010
17. My Fleeting Thoughts 6/28/2010
18. Covers 6/27/2010
19. When It Rains 7/6/2009
20. Snow's Simple Grace 6/30/2010

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Best Poem of Maria Williams

Snow's Simple Grace

I walk softly
Upon a secret land
The wood's rough edges
Covered by snow's soft hand

Footprints are left
In an open wood
A river trickles near
Under winter's light hood

My dreams fly free
As I travel the wind
Escape, it whispers
If only you can

I call to my memories
I search in the sky
But snow's simple grace
Hides truth from my eye

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Lying in bed
loneliness consuming me
trapped under covers
of my mind's constand dread

Locked in shadows
in this world alone
remind myself to breath
though hope has flown

(Very rough draft here but I decided to submit it anyway) .

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