Maria Williams

Maria Williams Poems

1. Night 6/30/2010
2. Unsung Melodies 6/30/2010
3. The Appearance Of Stability Is Misleading 6/30/2010
4. Parts Of Me 6/30/2010
5. Never Shattered 6/30/2010
6. Foolish Things 6/30/2010
7. Silence And Strife 7/1/2010
8. Mystic (First Attempts At Haiku) 7/1/2010
9. Always The Same (More Haiku Experimenting) 7/1/2010
10. Soundlessly 8/8/2010
11. We Don'T Hear It Anymore (Even More Haiku Exercises) 8/8/2010
12. Falls Of Melody 8/8/2010
13. A Flower 10/22/2010
14. As I Feared 5/5/2010
15. In? The Reflection 5/5/2010
16. Always There 6/27/2010
17. My Fleeting Thoughts 6/28/2010
18. Covers 6/27/2010
19. When It Rains 7/6/2009
20. Snow's Simple Grace 6/30/2010
Best Poem of Maria Williams

Snow's Simple Grace

I walk softly
Upon a secret land
The wood's rough edges
Covered by snow's soft hand

Footprints are left
In an open wood
A river trickles near
Under winter's light hood

My dreams fly free
As I travel the wind
Escape, it whispers
If only you can

I call to my memories
I search in the sky
But snow's simple grace
Hides truth from my eye

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As I Feared

Or more importantly? Understand
The word makes me
Calling out
Can you? Hear
Or more, Importantly

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