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Marina Pascal Poems

1. Silence 10/4/2010
2. I Miss You.. 10/4/2010
3. Forward March 10/6/2010
4. Blood Continues To Flow... 10/8/2010
5. Imagining... 10/14/2010
6. The Gallery Of His Majesty 10/14/2010
7. Unity 10/18/2010
8. Statistics 10/21/2010
9. Listen To Love 11/29/2010
10. Destruction Of Life Cannot Be Hidden 1/12/2011
11. An Old Employee. 1/12/2011
12. Give Him A Chance.. 1/12/2011
13. Awaken Your Consciousness 4/1/2011
14. When Will Peace Blossom? 4/4/2011
15. Maria Aline 10/31/2016
16. Silent Glance 6/9/2011
17. Flowers Of Flamboyant Tree 1/31/2011
18. The Olive Trees In The Garden Of Gathesemane 1/12/2011
19. Snobbish People..... 12/13/2010
20. Voters 1/12/2011
21. The World Is In Danger 8/11/2017
22. Apartheid 10/21/2010
23. Frangipani 10/22/2010

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Charming blossom!

No one ceases
to admire your beauty.....

How radiant you get
with each sprinkle
of dew and each ray
of sunlight
or moonlight.

Your fragrance
so sweet and mild
float around your admirer
and fill the air
around you.

Your pastel colours
of white, cream and pink
depicts your purity
tenderness and

Your petals
so soft as satin
befitting the caress
of young chevaliers
in garlands around
their necks
or gentle touch
of beautiful ...

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I Miss You..

when I stare at the breath taking ocean view,
....the sun is setting on the horizon,
everywhere is glowing,
the night is falling.. I inhale the sweet sea air
and the delicate fragrance of tropical flowers,
I whither to think
I am alone
and you are very far away from me.

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